13 Ways to Properly Promote Your Blog Posts on Twitter

Promote Your Blog Posts on Twitter

How to promote the blog posts on twitter? The dream of many a blog owner is to see his or her blog posts attract the widest possible readership, rank high on SERPs, and ultimately help him/her achieve organizational goals such as profitability, authority, and others.

In today’s highly competitive digital world, you need to promote your blog posts if you want to boost traffic on your website.

With millions of users and daily visitors, Social media giant, Twitter, is an excellent medium you can utilize to promote your blog posts. You do not have to be a social media marketing professor to successfully promote your blog posts on Twitter.

Top 13 Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts on Twitter

Below are a few Twitter marketing tips that can help turn you into the superstar blogger you’ve always wanted to be.

1. Start With an Optimized Twitter Profile

Having a friendly profile picture of your face on your Twitter profile helps to assure others that they are engaging a real human being.

It will make both followers and would-be followers feel at home and be more forthcoming in their communication or relationship with you.

Without an authentic profile picture, some people may not trust your profile and may become a bit more withdrawn and interested in reading your posts.

For your cover picture, try to use it as a marketing tool. This can be achieved by inserting a picture that reflects your writing niche. For example, if you write about farming, you can post a picture of yourself on a farm. If it is cars you write about, consider using a picture of you in a car park or plant.

Lastly, your profile bio is a fantastic opportunity to present yourself before others. Its introduction should clearly explain who you are as well as your professional inclination and why you love your job.

It is also necessary to establish some credibility and social proof here by outlining why anyone should listen to you. The concluding section of your bio should include a call to action. For example, visit my website, like and share my blog posts, subscribe to my products, among others.

After laying a strong foundation via an optimized Twitter profile, it is now time to maximize your Twitter experience.

2. Write Great Blog Posts

Even if you employ all the right promotional strategies for your blog posts, it will still be a struggle if the posts themselves are hollow and uninspiring.

Therefore, the need to craft very informative or educating (and even entertaining) posts need not be overemphasized.

Think of your posts as solutions to your audience’s problems and write accordingly and convincingly. Remember that your competitors will keep an eye on your blog and may want to exploit whatever they think are weaknesses.

Make sure that your posts do not only educate your readers and solve their problems, but that they are also original, and free of all kinds of grammar and typing errors.

3. Keep Tweeting It

Be sure to tweet each blog post as soon as you publish it on your blog. Then tweet again and again after every few hours.

Be creative and vary the content of your tweets. Study your audience to determine the most ideal times to post your blog promotion tweets. Share!

4. Work to Expand Your Twitter Followership

Increasing your Twitter follower count is an important strategy you shouldn’t take for granted. It is vital because it shows how many people can view, like, and share your tweets.

Having many followers is one way of boosting your Twitter traffic and more traffic implies potential access to your blog posts.

You can commence your quest for more followers by identifying and courting the influencers in your niche. For instance, when sharing a post, you can tag some influencers you think will be interested in it.

If your hunch is correct, they can like, retweet, or share your post. Their actions can help attract more followers to you since influencers are indeed very influential.

Another way to increase your Twitter following is by following active Twitter users among your target audience. There are a number of ways to achieve this.

For example, you can select from followers of a niche influencer. One advantage of targeting active Twitter users is that there is a greater likelihood of them following you back.

Also, retweeting posts from your followers will make you appear more than once on their notifications list. Once they notice you are tweeting their posts, it can motivate them to also retweet your own posts in appreciation. Such actions can help bring you even more followers.

5. Persuade Influencers to Link to Your Blog Posts

A single retweet of your blog post by a niche influencer can be a massive PR boost. With their usually large number of followers, such retweets can have the potential of reaching thousands of readers who can become loyal to you if they like your posts.

You can meet this objective by simply linking both the Twitter profiles and websites of your target influencers and then informing them about such mentions.

Don’t only stop at informing them but try to persuade them to share the posts with their Twitter followers. This is one of the reasons to create very high-quality blog posts since an influencer may not be willing to promote hollow and uninspiring posts with poor grammar and errors.

6. Make a Visual Case for Your Blog Posts

Visuals have always been important additions to online writing and social media platforms are no exception to this rule. It is said that a picture speaks louder than a thousand words.

Including blog post images in your tweets can be a potent promotional strategy, especially since Twitter posts that include an image have been shown to have more engagement rates.

Apart from pictures, short videos about your newest blog posts can also be helpful. Note that you don’t always need to add images manually if you activate Twitter Cards on your profile. Twitter Cards help insert images automatically into your tweets.

7. Indulge In Twitter Ad Campaigns

Some may see this as an optional strategy. But if your finances permit you to have a social media budget, consider launching a Twitter ad campaign to complement your organic content efforts.

This will not cost you so much but can be very rewarding in terms of publicity for your blog posts and the consequent pecuniary benefits it can bring to your website.

8. Automate Your Tweets

It could be that you are so busy that allocating sufficient time to tweeting may not always be possible. No need to worry if that is the case because you can still be very active on Twitter by automating all your proposed tweets for now and months into the future.

There are apps out there that can help you schedule and post all the tweets you intend to post for any specified period. If you can’t afford some of the paid automation tools, consider using Tweetdeck which is free.

9. Use Hashtags When Necessary

Industry-related hashtags can help you extend your blog promotion efforts beyond the eyes of only your followers. One important attribute about Twitter that distinguishes it from other social media marketing outlets is its lack of reliance on just keywords alone when users are trying to find their audiences.

This makes it easier to capture more potential clients, including those that have recently engaged with one of your hashtags rather than only those who have recently used your keyword for one reason or another.

10. Don’t Forget a Call to Action

You may have succeeded in crafting a very creative and powerful tweet but remember to explicitly persuade your readers to visit your website and access those blog posts.

This is where a compelling call to action comes in. However, this is not to say that all tweets seeking to promote your blog posts must include CTAs, but a good number of them should.

11. Add Share Buttons

Including share buttons alongside your blog posts provides your readers with an opportunity to share those posts on Twitter.

Again, there are simple-to-use applications or plug-ins that can help you integrate share buttons to your blog posts.

12. Analytics and Insights Can Help

It is important to avail yourself of certain performance metrics that will help you assess and evaluate all your promotional efforts at any time.

There are a lot of third-party tools that can help provide you with valuable analyses and insights on your Twitter marketing campaign. However, though very valuable, most of these third-party services are not free.

That is not to say that there are no useful free analytics tools out there. A good example is Twitter Analytics which is provided by Twitter itself.

Twitter Analytics will help you put your social media marketing strategies into proper perspective, including important feedback from your audience.

13. Appreciate Your Community for Shares

If everything is working well and members of your Twitter community are generating lots of shares for your blog posts, do not hesitate to say thank you. Such appreciation can motivate them to even do more.


Product promotion is an important concept in marketing, be it on the internet or outside it. With its size and increasing usage, Twitter is now a vital social media marketing medium for you to promote your blog posts.

Its fast pace and information sharing orientation make it a promotional haven, not only for bloggers but also for the likes of marketers, brand managers, and entrepreneurs, to mention a few.

Perhaps the rigours of indulging in an effective Twitter marketing campaign may be too much for you, especially if there are other activities competing for your attention.

Do not worry should this be the case because Seek Social is an expert, award-winning digital marketing agency that can provide all your social media marketing solutions.

It is one company that has all the tools and personnel you need for efficient digital marketing. Contact Seek Social today to optimize your Twitter and other social media pages!

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