23 Best Business Ideas in Tamilnadu

Best Business Ideas in Tamilnadu

In this post, we will discover the best business ideas in Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu is one of the most popular states in India. It has a long coastline with two major rivers flowing through it, which makes for some beautiful scenery.

Tamilians are known for their hospitality and culture, as well as their cuisine. Tamilnadu has an economy that is predominantly agricultural with about many of the population living below the poverty line.

23 Best Business Ideas in Tamilnadu

Despite its tough circumstances, Tamil Nadu has also seen significant economic growth– making it an exciting place to start a business. Here are some of the best business ideas in Tamilnadu you can start.

1. Poultry Farming Business

The poultry industry is booming in Tamil Nadu. This is because Tamils are very familiar with the concept of broilers and layers. Chickens are raised for egg production and also for meat. For broilers, eggs are often sold as a byproduct while the meat is consumed as food or sold as meat products.

Chicken eggs are often consumed in chicken curries, as a side dish, and in the preparation of curries. As egg production depends on the age of the chicken, and the breeder and farmer must keep track of the age of the chicken and the growth in their weight, this business has become very profitable.

More and more people are turning to chicken eggs for their protein, but the price of them is rising fast. Chickens are slaughtered by year one. It is one of the best ideas in Tamilnadu from the list of business ideas.

2. Food Truck Business

Ever wondered what it would be like to have your own food truck? There are dozens of food truck businesses in Tamilnadu with varying degrees of success.

However, one of the most lucrative food truck businesses is located in Trichy. There are numerous food truck places for you to choose from, such as “Menu Café”, “Suruchi Restaurant”, and “Ramnadu Restaurant”.

These food truck places offer catering services to big names in the hospitality industry, including hotels, hospitals, clubs, restaurants, and canteens.

They also supply delicious homemade recipes that your guests will enjoy. These food trucks have franchises in all major Indian cities, and also feature as one of the most popular food carts in Tamil Nadu.

3. Event management

Tamilnadu is famous for its annual “Pongal” festival (popularly known as Pongal in Tamil) that falls in January each year. The festival is one of the largest in India and is celebrated by the Tamil community worldwide.

It is celebrated with a lot of love, and so is the recent Pongal festival, which has become a year-round affair. It is the harvest festival that features both feasts and festivities and is known for its gluttony and the consumption of a lot of food.

Pongal is celebrated mainly by the farming community, and a lot of the food is made and sold by small, informal outlets. Many of these outlets are also located in the state capital Chennai. The primary ingredients for the Pongal festival are rice and sugar cane. But it is not just the food that is important.

4. Freelancing Services

A lot of new ventures were started by freelancers. From solo web design to creating mobile apps and designing furniture, the market is full of creative talent that can be used for profit. Small businesses in Tamilnadu look for unique people for their projects because they want a unique experience.

Many freelance sites including Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, etc. have opened offices in India to cater to the business community. The benefits of starting a business as a freelancer are abundant.

It’s a one-time cost, and the monthly income can add up to a nice paycheck. This can really boost a personal or family budget. You can build a great reputation and expand your customer base. Getting people on your side as a freelance business owner is crucial.

5. Blogging

Every citizen in Tamilnadu should be conversant in Tamil as that is the primary language in the state. If you are new to the industry, you can build a blog on your own or even get one of the many bloggers to write for you.

But if you are already knowledgeable in the subject matter, you can build a career in blogging. You can build a website for your blog or set up a free blog.

6. Photography

Tamilnadu has beautiful natural landscapes, such as the tranquil beaches of Alleppey. Travellers can go hiking at any time of the year, or visit the state’s many cultural events.

One of the best times to travel in Tamil Nadu is during the monsoon season, which happens between July and September. The best time to go hiking is in September, as the rains have subsided and the roads are cleared.

The state has abundant natural resources to photograph, such as rice fields, dense forests, and castles and temples. Monsoon also creates opportunities for photographers to capture unique photo sessions.

Apart from the picturesque landscapes of Tamilnadu, one can find numerous tourist attractions throughout the state.

7. Bakery Busines

People love to spend time together, whether it’s eating a meal or having a piece of cake. This means you should make sure to have an outlet that people can visit to enjoy their sweets or coffee.

Let’s say you want to open a bakery that sells cupcakes and cookies. All you need to do is purchase the required equipment. From there, you can get a franchise in order to get started.

8. Shopping Center

If you have an outlet where people can shop and then you have a café where they can rest, you can have the perfect place to offer an opportunity for your customers.

Any small café should have storage space for their food items, preferably in a room that’s separate from the main area.

9. Travelling Agency Business

Tamil Nadu has a long coastline with many Indian cities just 30 miles away. Being in close proximity to the rest of India, it has become a popular tourist destination for people from all over India.

With its high population of Tamil speakers, you would be smart to start a Tamil Nadu travel agency. Besides offering different and affordable tour packages, you can also earn a lot of revenue by selling gift packages that include beach clothes, edible condiments and luxury items.

10. Beauty salon

You don’t need to live in a tourist area to start a beauty salon. Many Tamilians visit beauty salons when in town, as it is a great way to meet new people.

Many also get their haircut from these businesses to save money. However, this is not the only business opportunity in Tamil Nadu.

The best way to start a beauty salon is by leasing space to an established salon. The best places to lease space are in the heart of the city (where the customers are) or on a major road.

Alternatively, you can also choose to start a beauty salon online. There are several beauty salons that are already online. The beauty salon can either rent space to a salon that is based in Tamil Nadu or employs a Tamilian to manage your salon on their behalf.

11. Grocery Store

It is possible to own and run a grocery store in Tamil Nadu and be successful. You don’t have to be an expert in food selection, supply chain management, or anything else- just know how to talk to people and be a good listener.

You can make your living by selling low-cost packaged food items and grocery items, thus opening up a brand new stream of revenue.

12. Social Media Consultancy

Social media is an area that has exploded over the last few years. If you are passionate about a particular niche and can put in the time and effort, social media consulting could be a profitable venture.

The niche can be anything from marketing your brand to creating online promotions. There are a lot of ways to market your business with social media.

13. Online instructor

There are more than ten million students in Tamil Nadu that are looking for an online instructor to help them with the syllabus and method for a particular course.

So, it can be an excellent business for teachers to get online course material and get paid for it.

14. Fishing Business

Tamil Nadu is one of the largest fishing regions in the world. It produces over 500 different types of fish. Almost the entire population depends on fishing for their livelihood.

As such, there are countless fishing industries in Tamil Nadu. However, a few companies, specializing in fish exports, have become quite successful in the international market.

15. Restaurant Business

Restaurants are the backbone of most small towns and cities in Tamil Nadu. The food is delicious, inexpensive and often cooked by the locals.

Unlike in Bangalore, Chennai or Bengaluru where the cost of rent is quite high, the rent in Chennai is very low and most areas are able to accommodate small scale businesses.

This is an excellent opportunity to set up a restaurant in Tamil Nadu and you can do a lot to transform your business in less than a year. It’s an easy business to start because you can set up the kitchen in your house.

You just need to have a proper kitchen, cooking utensils, a freezer and fridge, as well as an outside area for prepping and serving food.

16. Apparel Store

In Tamilnadu, the garment business is always a great business idea. Women are always eager to buy clothes as they are looking for options that suit their tastes.

By opening a women’s fashion store in a state where there’s a huge market, you are sure to have success.

17. Home Tutoring

Home tutoring is one of the best businesses to start in Tamil Nadu. Many people from all over India send their children to schools in Tamil Nadu. The education system is excellent with good discipline and no high level of competition.

Empower students and their parents to choose the school they would like to go to and feel secure that there is nothing underhanded about the education they are getting.

18. Gym/Fitness Centre

People in Tamilnadu love their fitness. Given its size, location and climate, the market for gyms/fitness centres is huge.

One of the major advantages of starting such a business in Tamil Nadu is that such a business is a perfect way to use the market demand and cater to the entire state. You can start your career with these business ideas in Tamilnadu.

19. Consultancy Service

In India, there are lots of businesses that need consultancy and you may need to provide consultancy services to other companies.

For example, you may be required to provide consultancy for software or software testing. You can start a consultancy business in Chennai by engaging with companies that have an outsourcing requirement.

The next step would be to look for projects that need consultancy, test your product, and send it for development. This can bring you a steady income and be a good starting point for your own business.

20. Medical Store

Traditionally a rural, agricultural state, Tamil Nadu has experienced significant economic growth in recent years and is now one of the fastest-growing economies in India. Its growing economy has pushed the population to grow rapidly and many families are now coming up with innovative business ideas.

One of the most popular businesses in Tamil Nadu is the medical store. The state has a large population of people who do not have access to good medical care. If you own a medical store, you can be the best medical care provider in Tamil Nadu.

Innovative Business Idea: Start a health care business by helping people access medical care easily. The business could be limited to helping people in rural areas get access to good medical care.

21. Coffee Shop

A coffee shop is a fast-growing business. The average rate of growth in the coffee shop sector in Tamil Nadu is 30.6%. There are many coffee shops in Tamil Nadu.

You can find them in major cities, such as Chennai, Coimbatore, and Madurai. There is a variety of coffee shops to choose from.

However, we recommend heading to a coffee shop that is located in a neighbourhood or near a tourist destination. The neighbourhood atmosphere and the larger customer base will give you a head start.

22. Mobile Repairing

As our modern world gets more and more dependent on mobile technology, one of the first things that get damaged is the mobile itself.

This is where mobile repairing becomes a viable business option. While a lot of customers are happy to repair their phones for the cost of the parts, there are many who want to buy the whole unit, which can be quite expensive.

But it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many people who are happy to go to their neighbours and friends to fix their phones, and there are even a number of cheap mobile repair centres available in the capital city of Chennai.

23. Transport Business

Tamilnadu is a popular destination in India for cruises and passengers. It is a beautiful state, and you can make some good money by starting a taxi business.

There is a lot of potential in starting an all-sorts of transport business in this state.

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Tamilnadu has its challenges, but these are less than those of other states. Because of the volatile nature of the Tamilnadu economy, you should carefully assess your investment plan before investing.

You can find the best business ideas in Tamilnadu from this list. I hope this article “business ideas in Tamilnadu” will help you to start a profitable business.

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