31 Most Profitable Business in Rural Area in India

Most profitable business in rural area in India

There are so many unique, profitable business opportunities in a rural area you can start in India. You just have to find out what your strengths are and how you can take advantage of your surroundings.

The best way to get started is by looking for a business that matches your skillset and interests while also fitting into the rural lifestyle. The rural areas of India offer profitable business opportunities that are not available in other places.

31 Most Profitable Business Ideas in a Rural Area in India

Rural India plays a huge role in the country’s economy. Here are some most profitable business opportunities in a rural area of India.

1. Retail store

Many of the rural areas are semi-rural and village-dominated. There are many small stores and shops that operate in rural India. Many of these businesses are just one-man operations.

The owners operate their businesses from a single room in their house or from their residence. They are always there for the consumer, and they are open to assisting and showing the consumer how to use the product.

They can keep their shop open more than most retailers because there are fewer customers walking through the door. However, they have to remain open all day long, especially on the weekends.

You might also see roadside vendors selling goods or tea while a vehicle passes by. These are some of the best ways to make money in rural India. It is one of the most profitable business opportunities in a rural area of India.

2. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is one of the lucrative businesses in rural India. The poultry business in India is thriving despite a decline in the price of eggs. It is not surprising that most households still have a broiler chicken in their home.

The local poultry is usually free-range, so there are no animal by-products such as eggshells that need to be thrown away.

Small animal farming involves raising cows, goats, dogs, donkeys, and poultry for food. Chickens, ducks, and ducks are some animals that are raised for food.

The small-scale poultry farming business is very profitable and can be turned into a part-time job. Poultry farming businesses can be expanded by buying more chicks, which is how the income is earned.

3. Flour mill

No one wants flour without salt or oil. There are many mills in rural India that produce that sort of commodity. You can offer storage and distribution services.

You can even provide the flour and salt in bulk to your customers. If you are good at logistics and handling products, this is an easy way to earn money in rural areas. It is another most profitable business opportunity in a rural area of India.

4. Artisanal jeweller

Another interesting way to make money in rural India is by making jewellery. Their culture deeply influenced Indians. They like to display their unique jewellery on their arms or wear it on their hands.

All you have to do is look for a jewellery maker in the area and get started. You can even offer custom jewellery. The region is full of tourists who are looking for a reason to go to their village.

5. Clothing store

One of the most popular ways to make money in rural India is by starting a clothing store. Many people in the country use this store to make a bit of extra cash.

There are many people in rural India who would like to buy clothes but cannot afford to spend too much on them. This type of business requires you to only be paid in cash, as there are few other payment options available in rural areas.

6. Medical Shop

You can start a medical shop by providing customers with a professional service. These are often poorly trained and poorly paid workers, who mostly have no business knowledge or skills.

You can step in and provide an array of services to these people, which includes everything from basic advice on health to even carrying out medical procedures.

You can charge these workers by the item, session or service they provide, depending on how much you want to make.

Overcoming the Risk Factor: One of the biggest risks when starting a medical business in rural India is the lack of competition. There is a fairly high quality of medical services in the country, but it will limit your business to the surrounding area.

7. Diagnostic Center

One of the best ways to make money in rural India is by starting a diagnostic centre. People from all over the country need hospitals in their villages.

The best way to do this is by creating a high-end diagnostic centre that meets the health needs of many people. You can do this by working as a technician, running a laboratory, and having a lot of experience in the medical field.

8. Create Hemp Seeds

If you know a bit about farming, then you should your living by growing hemp seeds. This is a substantial source of income because you can sell the seeds all over the country.

You don’t need a massive farm because you can grow hemp in small spaces. This is also a glorious business for those who don’t have a lot of space to grow other kinds of crops.

9. Fertiliser Business

One of the most common ways to earn money in rural India is through selling fertilisers. Farmers across the country use them to make their crops grow.

Since it is a crucial part of farming, they need to sell it as soon as possible. Farmers sell their fertilisers at a fixed rate and earn a tidy sum.

Farmers also often sell fertiliser to local middlemen, who then take the raw materials to buyers who use it for their farms. For example, the fertiliser used by a farmer for growing potatoes may be sold to a fertiliser mill, which then sells it to a wholesaler who buys it for large-scale use.

The farmer earns a profit by selling the fertiliser at a lower price than the price the wholesaler is offering. He also receives a commission when the fertiliser is sold.

10. Tutor services

Tutoring is a service people often look for to help them learn or achieve something. People are looking for someone to give them some advice and skills that they can use for their own benefit.

Some people also need help in developing a skill that can help them lead a comfortable life in the future. These services will become more popular as education becomes more affordable.

You can make a lot of money by tutoring children, teenagers or adults in different areas. However, it would be better, to begin with, for children in elementary schools and work their way up.

Tips: Local schools usually give a free plan of a place to hold an introductory session for the new students. It can be a classroom or a space in the building. The plan needs to be first sorted out.

11. MIlk/dairy centre

Although cows are in abundance in rural India, dairy farming in rural areas is relatively a new phenomenon. However, it is becoming more popular, especially with urban consumers.

You can start a business by producing milk and dairy products. It’s a high-quality and growing business in rural India.

Make sure to invest in expensive equipment like machines and coolers. But the advantage is that dairy farming can be operated on a small scale, so you can run it from home.

12. Organic vegetables/fruits

In rural India, it is not uncommon to find that a good number of people own small farms and vegetable gardens. When you buy organic vegetables from these farms, you are not only helping these small farmers out, but you are also helping out the environment.

Vegetable/fruit farmers in rural India usually grow organic vegetables for sale. You can either buy them from their own farms or buy them at local grocery stores.

Because a large amount of the produce comes from small farmers, you can expect to pay a better price for them. Once you have bought them, store them for a while before you can sell them to people in your area.

13. Fishery Business

Starting a fishery business is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to make money. Fish is a traditional staple in India. When it comes to harvesting fish, there are a few factors that make fishing an attractive career.

Fishing is a good way to sell and trade fish. As a fisher, you’ll be able to sell it to local buyers at a good price. Not only that, you’ll be able to make some extra cash by trading it for other products.

Fishing makes for a great business idea for someone who can’t move far from home and doesn’t mind spending lots of time fishing. All you need is a place to stay, a boat and a fishing pole.

14. Drinking Water Supply

Drinking water supplies can be bought in rural India for a minimal sum of money. This is not surprising, as most people living in the country use water to drink. Although it is more expensive than tap water, it is a good option for some.

When you buy your water supply, make sure to keep a check on the quality of the water being used and test your water periodically. You can make some quick money from this.

15. Vending Machines

Vending machines are becoming a major source of income for some people. It can be bought with cash and then kept in rural areas of the country.

You can make money by selling them the food that they have. This is a good business if you can sell the food within a few minutes of purchasing it.

16. Threshing Machine

A threshing machine is an essential piece of machinery for farmers in rural India. They help farmers do the hard work of threshing wheat and other grains, which they sell to a grain store.

Most modern farmers don’t use a threshing machine. They still have to do the hard work themselves. For example, threshing a cotton crop takes around 90 days. The only way to get it done faster is to take out a loan or borrow someone else’s threshing machine.

Threshing is very time-consuming and very demanding. It takes a lot of patience. However, it is an essential task for a farmer. If they don’t do it, their crop will rot. They will miss out on a lot of money.

17. Small-scale manufacturing units

The manufacturing process used to be very laborious and time-consuming. This made the product expensive. The manufacturing process has become very efficient with introducing technology and automation. This has provided a tremendous business opportunity for micro and small-scale manufacturing units.

It is easier to set up a manufacturing unit in rural areas because you don’t have to deal with the high cost of power and land. You also don’t need to compete with companies in urban areas.

The cost of raw materials in rural areas is much cheaper than in urban areas. The cost of labour in rural India is also cheaper and the cost of equipment, manufacturing and marketing can be lowered in rural areas.

18. Oil Mills

There are many profitable oil mills you can start in the countryside. Most of the oil mills are in rural areas, which offer enormous distances to the customers. The drive is the main reason this type of business is popular among residents of rural areas.

19. Flower Farming

Rural India is blessed with some of the most beautiful flowers and they are in high demand. To be profitable, find the unique varieties of flowers and the sweetest colour combinations.

You need to purchase an initial set of flowers with more plants to be sold later on. In rural areas, the demand is usually higher and customers will pay more for the freshest flowers.

20. Auto Repairing

Auto Repairing is a rather small business where you have a lot of options and opportunities to succeed. Here are a few businesses you can try out:

  • Auto spares & spare parts dealer
  • Auto body shop
  • Engine spare parts dealer

There are a few groups in the country that promote, which auto shops it can start with the help of money that you have saved from your business. You can give free cars to students who complete the course with the lowest marks.

21. Mushroom Farming

If you love to cook, mushroom farming can be a great way to make money. You can start a mushroom farm and sell edible mushrooms.

The experience of growing mushrooms and handling the packaging and delivery can be really rewarding. You can grow and process other types of mushrooms as well if you want to try out something new.

21. ATM Space Renting

ATM Space Renting has become the most popular business in rural India. It provides ATM space to banks wherever there are ATMs.

It works like this. Banks lease space to vendors or entrepreneurs. They rent out space inside the ATMs to businesses and individuals so that they can carry out their business transactions. They pay for the space, maintenance, and security.

Rural India is a vast market for ATMs. There are about 10 lakh ATMs in the country, according to the report from the Reserve Bank of India. There are so many banks in India that if you’re given an opportunity to rent space inside a nearby ATM, you can start a business without breaking a sweat.

You can open a business in the country by renting out space in one of the many ATMs that are located in a small town.

22. Computer Training Institute

This is a great option for anyone who wants to be a tutor or a computer technician. You can learn different computer software such as MS Office, as well as how to program in C++ and Java.

Many people find that training their friends and family can make this a significant source of income. The key to success with this is getting out there and making connections with people.

You can choose from online courses or if you prefer, you can try your hand at a physical office. You can set up a training centre in a rural area or your own home. If you want to try your hand at this option, the good news is that there are quite a few vocational schools in India that offer computer training.

23. Solar Business

If you are an entrepreneur that has a lot of entrepreneurial energy, then the solar business is for you. Some rural community in India is actively using solar energy.

There are so many things you can do with solar energy, but the most popular areas are lighting, mobile phone charging and heating water.

You can also use solar energy to charge your cell phone or laptop, and your micro battery bank. If you have the money, solar-powered systems are for you.

A set of solar panels is actually really inexpensive, and the energy can last for decades. If you have a better idea of how to use the sun to create revenue, you can do that and make even more money.

There are so many solar projects you can start, but you will probably do best by joining forces with others.

24. Spice grinding business

If you like to create spice blends and want to make a ton of cash, then you can start grinding spices at a spice shop in rural India.

The spice shop owner will help you out by selling the finished products and you can manage the rest. You can even make it into a family business.

25. Duck Farming

One of the most profitable business you can start in rural India is duck farming. Duck farming involves raising ducks for meat or eggs and selling them.

The chicks are raised inside a farm, which is known as a duck grey. The ducks grow to adulthood and are then sold as fresh ducks.

26. Paper Bag Making

While paper bags can be made in any part of the world, paper bag-making is one of the most profitable businesses in India.

Paper bags are recycled to manufacture plastic bags, so many families make paper bags as an alternative to earn money. In the rural areas of India, there are many local businesses that make paper bags

In the villages of Orissa, people make paper bags out of recycled newspapers using a simple method. The local paper bags are sold across the state, and it is usually much cheaper than buying them from the city.

In many other parts of the country, handmade paper bags are sold in local markets for anywhere between 2 and 5 rupees (less than 1 cent). Another benefit of making paper bags is that it requires less manpower.

27. Goat Farming

Goat farming is one of the most lucrative businesses in India. It is one of the highest margin, cash flow, and seasonal cash flow businesses in the country.

Goat farming requires that you know how to raise animals and maintain them. You can also make money by selling them and by selling their milk, especially in a rural area.

You can also start a goat farm at your home. Just make sure you have space for raising and training your goats. You can start with just a few goats and then increase the number as your income increases. You can also sell them to larger dairy farms.

Goat cheese is an easy-to-make item, and it is a favourite among many. You can also sell this by selling goats. It is one of the most profitable business opportunities in a rural area of India

28. Agarbathi Making

Just about anyone can make a living by looking at and selling things in agarbathi making. A container with recycled material, handmade products and preserved insects in the bottom are the key ingredients for this business. You can go anywhere and find people selling many products.

Agarbathi making businesses take advantage of people in the villages, looking for a quick way to make some money. Usually, you have to fill out a few details about yourself and then be willing to make the trip to their house to sell some stuff. You can make a nice living out of selling agarbathi and other items that people need.

29. Candle Making

You can start a business by making candles, by gathering the basic materials from your local shops or by asking your friends for any supplies you might need.

You can also find quality candles in the local market that are relatively cheap and you can bargain for a better deal. Many families in rural India enjoy lighting candles at home and you can start a business making and selling these at a profit.

30. Wood Carving

Wood carving is another great way to make a living in India. Many people in rural India like carving sculptures from wood, giving them as gifts or selling them to raise money for a family member.

You can also sell decorative carvings that you’ve made in India at trade shows or online.

31. Jute Bag Making

A jute bag making business provides a lot of opportunities for someone that wants to make a lot of money. This business can be very lucrative.

You can rent a shop or buy the business from someone else. The materials you need to get started are readily available. You just have to buy them and go to work.

Jute bags are typically used to transport food and other supplies. You can make different sizes and types of bags for people to buy and use.

The different styles allow you to appeal to many customers. The most common bags are the open ones. These types are sold in rural areas. The materials for these bags include jute and cotton.


There are plenty of profitable business opportunities to make money in a rural area of India. In fact, there are so many things to do that it can be a little overwhelming. However, that doesn’t mean you should disregard this area.

There are many profitable business opportunities and fun things to do in a rural area of India. Even if it is only for a few years, you will have fun in a way that you never could if you stayed in a city.

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