5 Tools to Improve Content Quality through Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing tools

Tools that improve content quality through paraphrasing in this era of technology, there is an abundance of information available on the internet regarding almost any topic. When you search for a simple query on the internet, you will find billions of web pages.

As a result, it has become increasingly difficult to think critically and write creatively. In the case of research, it is impossible for writers to think properly when there is a lot of data.

The writer may write about a topic that has already been written by someone else. Due to this, plagiarism and duplication have also become more common.

Being a writer now requires you to think outside the box and express your thoughts in your writing. If your work does not engage your audience, what can you do to improve content quality?

Keep scrolling because we have wrapped the solution to this issue — there are 5 paraphrasing tools that you can use to improve content quality without any hassle.

5 Tools to consider for paraphrasing

1.  Wordtune

Paraphrasing tools

Wordtune works effectively to rewrite any content with the utmost precision. It can paraphrase on phrase and sentence levels, enabling you to improve the content quality as required.

It offers multiple rewriting modes to enhance vocabulary, change the tone, and perfect the style to improve overall content quality. You can, for instance, transform simple sentences into well-structured formal statements. Furthermore, you can also shorten or expand your content if necessary.

Ultimately, Wordtune is a powerful AI tool that utilizes context to identify the best way to rewrite statements in a more precise, engaging, and readable way. While it is ideal for improving quality, it is most suitable for removing plagiarism and achieving originality.

Wordtune is a premium tool that is available to all users for free. In its free version, you are limited to 20 rewrites, which let you rewrite only in standard English.

All rewriting modes are available to you if you purchase Wordtune premium. Your content will be improved like a pro with its premium version, where you can get unlimited pertinent writing suggestions.

2.  Editpad

Paraphrasing tools

Editpad.org is another best platform to get access to various tools for writing purposes. It also has paraphrasing tools which you can use to paraphrase text to improve your content quality.

As a result of its working method, this tool is more suitable for many writers than the previous one. In this tool, you can follow the process of paraphrasing step by step.

The first step is to paste the text or upload the file you wish to rewrite. Once the “Paraphrase” button is clicked, the tool will begin processing.

Within a short period of time, it will display a unique copy of your given content with coloured words. You can see here which words the tool changed when it processed your content.

In this case, you can open the file and check the exact words changed by the tool. Furthermore, you can click on every word to see the original and other synonyms that can be substituted.

If you find an inappropriate word in the new content, you can add any word from your dictionary. Thus, it is a powerful tool for improving the quality of the content.

The only downside to this paraphrasing tool is that it won’t display original and new content simultaneously. In other words, you have to take the time to compare the two copies of the content.

3.  Rephrase

Paraphrasing tools

Rephrase.info is the third best paraphrasing tool we have selected. It is reliable to improve the quality of the content by following simple steps.

The first step is to choose a mode of writing. Once you have completed this, you have to upload the file containing the text you want to make creative. After this, click on the given “Paraphrase Now” button to start the processing.

This tool will take a few minutes to complete the process and display the results. However, comparatively, it produces the best results from many other paraphrasing tools. The tool is also available in two different languages: English and Spanish. It is possible to rewrite content written in any of these languages.

By using this tool, you will get results in a specific pattern. These words will appear in the bold format in the opposite box after the tool has changed them. This way, you can easily check what changes are made to your content. It will be easy for you to examine this part and rewrite any part of the content within a few minutes.

This paraphraser can be used freely for as many conversions as you want. You will get only one problem with this tool: the word count limit. You can rewrite 1000 words at a time in any of its modes. If you have an excessive word count, you must split it first.

Then, you have to paste that content to make it creative. If you are doing this, you should proofread the content because it might be possible that the tool has changed some words unnecessarily.

4.  Word Ai

Paraphrasing tools

With Word Ai, you can rewrite bulk articles more precisely and readably by using advanced algorithms.

This efficient tool takes just a few seconds to rewrite long-form articles. All you have to do is enter your content, enhance the level of synonym inclusion (as appropriate) and watch the magic happen.

You will not have to spend much time paraphrasing your content to ensure absolute uniqueness and quality improvement. In fact, the given content can be restructured without compromising quality or changing the original meaning.

However, it sometimes fails to substitute appropriate synonyms, so you should be cautious.

Nevertheless, whether you want to rewrite content for web or academic assignments, Word AI knows how to meet your needs. At the same time, you can write multiple articles. It takes just one click to get a variety of better alternatives to your content.

Word AI is not available for free, so you need a subscription to use it.

5.    Linguix

Paraphrasing tools

The Linguix paraphrasing tool is widely used and can effectively rewrite phrases or whole sentences.

In order to come up with a more creative, catchy, and unique phrase for the given information, the program analyzes the context of the provided information in-depth. In addition to removing plagiarism, it improves content quality by changing its diction, voice, and tone.

The best thing about Linguix is that it pays special attention to the grammatical accuracy of its content. This tool can easily overcome possible writing challenges since it automatically highlights and corrects grammar issues.

You will be able to learn with Linguix how to hone your writing skills and high-quality craft content if you focus. Although Linguix is a premium tool, its free version is accessible regardless of the limit. Aside from paraphrasing, it improves the quality of the content and makes it more appealing.


The above list of paraphrasing tools has been made after proper research. You can pick any of them to improve the quality of the content and make it unique.

You can also sharpen your writing skills with any of these tools by exploring new words and thinking creatively to write on your own in the future.

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