50+ Best Profitable Business Ideas in Kerala

Business Ideas in Kerala

Starting a business is no easy feat, but these are some of the most profitable business ideas in Kerala that will make you money while you sleep.

If you’re looking to start a business, then maybe this list of business ideas in Kerala will inspire you. There are many different industries to choose from, which means there’s something for everyone!

Whether your goal is to start small and work your way up or become an overnight success, here are some business ideas in Kerala that will help you get started.

50+ Best Profitable Business Ideas in Kerala

Nowadays it has become easier than before to start your own business with government support and an ecosystem that provides all the necessary tools for success.

Here are some profitable business ideas in Kerala that you might want to consider starting up!

1. Agarbatti Making

It’s the traditional art form of Kerala and the mainstay of the state’s economy. However, this art form has faced a series of challenges over the past couple of years.

But as of today, the agarbatti industry has been brought back to life and no one can deny that it is a lucrative and beautiful business in Kerala.

Agarbatti is made by inserting colourful threads into an empty agarbatti box and filling it up with burning coal. You can start out as a home-based business and make as little as ₹500 per day.

If you want to scale up you can use the internet to contact experienced artisan and set up a shop. If you have any kind of talent, then this is the perfect way to use it and earn some extra money. It is one of the best business ideas in Kerala.

2. Bubble Wrap Making

These days plastic bubbles are an absolute rarity. If you want to make a decent living, then bubble wrap making is your best bet. What better way to make money than to start a business making the main ingredient of bubble wrap?

The plastic bottles and polypropylene sheets used in making bubble wrap are high in demand. For instance, they are used to make cushions. To make a decent living you’ll need to be able to make a lot of them.

If you can make a good profit on a simple machine then you can get a really good deal on a decent machine. Here are the qualities that you need to make your own bubble wrap machine.

You’ll need to have a flat top table and a number of 1 ½” sheets. The best way to make the best bubble wrap is by taking an existing machine and customizing it for your own use.

3. Aluminium Foil Making

Aluminium Foil Making is the first profitable business idea in Kerala. The materials are purchased in bulk and are delivered to the customer once it’s been baked. For as little as Rs 250, you can make your own aluminium foil.

The list of materials available for purchase is very wide and includes foil, braid, sheets and sacks. You can buy these online or at a store. You can also customize your own products if you need to.

Do you need more ways to save? Shop till you drop!

Aluminium Foil Making isn’t just about making aluminium foil though. It can also be used to package dairy products, wrapped sweets and granola and even corn flakes! It’s also used to manufacture doormats and postage stamps.

4. Aluminium Doors Making

At first, it might sound strange to start a business where one of your main products is made out of aluminium. But it doesn’t get much simpler than that, since a majority of Aluminium doors can be recycled easily.

This means that after one year of using Aluminium Doors, you’ll be using the same Aluminium to build a new Aluminium Door, which is a very cost-effective process.

A used lorry can also be bought or rented for the same purpose at much lower prices than purchasing a new one. This could be a cost-saving strategy if you’re planning to start a business that has more than one product or service.

In most other businesses, this would be considered capital intensive. But in Aluminium Doors making it only costs you time and energy.

5. ATM Space Rent

A perfect business to start this year would be to rent your very own ATM Space. Once you have all the necessary hardware and software installed, you can rent the space to people to use as an ATM or have other kiosks set up for cash deposit and withdrawal.

This is the easiest and cheapest way to start a business in Kerala. This idea should consider from a list of business ideas in Kerala.

6. Floor Scraper

An employee that is good with a floor scraper is a unique proposition. Floor scrapers find it very difficult to find employment because of the high workloads, wages, and the need for heavy lifting.

If you have the skills and are interested in working for someone, then this could be your dream job. It pays very well and you can earn up to Rs. 30,000 per month. Floor scraper hirers can be found through online job portals or by word of mouth.

7. Bakery Business

Bread is one of the most popular products sold in Kerala. This could be a great business idea for someone looking for a quick profit. Because of the delicious, fresh aroma of freshly baked bread, there’s no doubt that customers will go for it.

To start, you’ll need a good set of ovens, a regular supply of flour, and butter. This business will make you money as soon as you open the doors, and because you’re selling bread for less than the cost of the ingredients, you can increase your profit margin to match your target.

You can also get a different product by doing different specialities like some rare bread, or creating unusual shapes with fresh dough.

8. Banana Chips Making

To become a successful entrepreneur in Kerala you need to be able to recognise trends and needs that people are demanding. There are many new food trends that you should be familiar with as you enter the food business.

For example, coffee flavoured chips, a trend that was very popular in 2015 but is on its way out now. This trend was a response to Starbucks’ creation of their dark roast coffee flavoured chips.

In 2016, coffee flavoured chips saw a decrease in sales. According to UN Comtrade, 2017 sales of coffee flavoured chips dipped by about 16 per cent compared to 2016 sales.

This is a pretty good warning to potential banana chips entrepreneurs. It’s likely that the trend is already cooling down, and you will likely be left with a small business with low sales.

9. Acrylic Buttons Making

One of the most popular uses of the Kerala local handicraft industry is acrylic buttons. Even though there are other industries doing acrylic buttons in Kerala too, most acrylic buttons are produced in and around the Alappuzha district, which is known for its production of Alphonso mangoes and table ornaments.

Alappuzha’s famous place is Angamaly, and there you can find a wide range of products including T-shirts, accessories, jewellery, clothes, towels, cushions and slippers among others.

Acrylic buttons are manufactured using acrylic materials, some of which are obtained from waste, while some others are imported. They are then sold to manufacturers in other places who specialise in finishing these products.

10. Bio-Diesel Manufacturing

Biofuel is not an eco-friendly alternative to petrol and diesel. The problem with using biofuel is that it is not very efficient to run any industrial machinery. Heavy machinery can cause permanent damage to the environment as well as ruin the engine of the machinery.

Biodiesel, however, is far more efficient than petroleum products. It can be used in almost all applications where petroleum-based products are used, like in automobiles, vehicles, railways and ships.

If you’re looking for lucrative business ideas to start in Kerala, then you should look into biodiesel manufacturing.

11. Clothing Store

When you think of a clothing store, what comes to mind first? Some cheap t-shirts that will definitely fade after a few months?

If you’re looking to open your own clothing store then there’s no better business idea than one that sells popular brands of clothing such as Gucci or Tommy Hilfiger at an affordable price.

You can set up your business near major malls and sell through your own website. Setting up a website means less outlay for start-up capital, as it’s very easy to build with WordPress and WooCommerce. This idea should consider from a list of business ideas in Kerala.

12. Candle Making

Although you could probably start a business around this anywhere in the world, Kerela has an interesting and unusual form of manufacturing candle making that doesn’t require electricity, just fire.

Many households in Kerala, particularly in the Malabar region of the state, specializing in this sort of candle making. The different colours and textures create a range of whimsical and decorative items that you can easily and affordably sell.

Many businesses that produce candles, scented oil and candlesticks make a lot of money in Kerala. To start a candle making business, you just need to buy a burning stove for making the candles and wood, wax and other materials that you will need.

13. Coconut Product Manufacturing

Coconut is a staple food item for many people in Kerala. Since it is an affordable food option, it is one of the top food items consumed in the state.

There are many different varieties of coconut products to choose from. For example, coconut oil, coconuts, and coconut oil are all sold in local stores and online.

It is a popular choice for food manufacturers, who use oil and coconut to make products such as oils, curry pastes, chutneys, and coconut milk. Chutneys are very popular and can be used to add an additional flavour to many dishes.

The same is true for curry pastes and chutneys. These products can be used in many ways, such as dipping sauces, dressings, or even for the curry. It is the most popular idea from a list of business ideas in Kerala.

14. Canned Rasgulla Making

Rasgullas are made out of curd and milk powder mixed with jaggery or sugar. To make them, an iron pot is used and the mixture is kneaded by hand for several hours.

It is then kneaded again in a rotary mixer for at least two hours and then soaked for three days. The final dough is then put in a mould and left to dry. While the dough is in the mould, some people say you should beat the rasgulla balls using a wooden ladle or spatula to remove the air bubbles.

To make them, rasgulla balls are coated with jaggery, and sugar is added to the mixture to flavour it. Once the dough is ready, you shape the balls and soak them in sugar syrup for a day. This process is repeated till all the rasgulla balls are ready. Making rasgulla can be very tedious.

16. Cashew Processing

If you’re looking to start your own business from scratch, then maybe processing cashews is your best bet. There are a few requirements – either you need access to a working bank account or a stable source of income.

If you need to register your business with the government, then there’s no need to worry as all of it is free. Cashews are widely accepted across the world and are usually sold at much lower rates than in Kerala.

The Kerala Cashew Board has more than 100 members, most of whom are from the banking industry. This means that they can be your biggest source of capital, and have had years of experience working with companies in other countries.

17. Jewellery Business

For those looking to earn quick money, or those who simply like jewellery, you can start a jewellery business with basic materials at a reasonable price. You can even make your own jewellery as a hobby.

It doesn’t even need a big stock room or big machinery to get started with this business! You can sell your jewellery products online via social media or at jewellery shops.

Looking to earn more than $1,000 a month? This is the business for you!

18. Customizers

Customization is becoming a huge trend in the fashion industry. But instead of waiting for the industry to become saturated, you can sell products to the customers in order to create a little extra profit.

Buyers are always looking for a unique, customized product. You can then customize their products and sell them to them at a profit.

19. Travel Blog

Have you ever thought about starting a travel blog? You can buy WordPress websites, add a little extra flair to it and in no time, you could be getting paid to travel the world!

To begin with, you’ll need to think about a unique travel experience that you want to share with the world. There are plenty of travel blogs out there and there is plenty of inspiration out there as well, so come up with something unique.

20. Costume Jewellery Design

Jewellery is one of the profitable business ideas, a lot of Kerala families depend on earning income from it.

The Kerala costume jewellery industry generates more than 3.0 crores rupees revenue and is one of the leading industries of Kerala. The government supports the industry by giving tax breaks and subsidies.

Jewellery businesses are often started by small scale families who believe that they can make a great difference to the people who buy the jewellery.

Costume jewellery can range from simple earrings to armbands, pendants, anklets, nose rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

21. Detergent Powder Manufacturing

Detergent powder manufacturing is a profitable business venture, but there are a few things you need to do in order to get it going. One thing you need to do is try to find a reliable supplier that can provide you with the necessary raw material.

In the village where we grew up, there were loads of little mills that made hundreds of kilograms of detergent powder each day. There were farmers, who earned their livelihood by selling detergent powder to the little mills.

Even though it was a small amount of money, it was a good source of income for those villagers, and this is one of the best and most profitable business ideas in Kerala.

22. Designing Laces

It’s easy to see how having an idea of how to make and sell something that others can use can be very profitable. Designing laces, for example, is a great way to start making money, but as with other successful businesses, you need to be able to bring something of value to the table.

This can be anything from ensuring that all the laces are durable and of the highest quality to making sure they are reusable or recyclable.

If you have a solution for the market, then this is an easy way to get started, especially if you’re based in a densely populated city. Some of the most successful businesses have come from localised industries and this is no different.

23. Egg Tray Making

Do you want to make some easy money from home? Then making egg trays is a profitable business idea. This can be a lucrative business idea for anyone looking to make extra cash or start a business. This is one of the most profitable business ideas in Kerala.

24. Mobile Repairing Business

If you’re looking to start a business that is guaranteed to make you money while you sleep, you might want to look into mobile repairing.

This is a well-established industry in the state, with every segment of society taking part in it. There are many specialists in all aspects of the trade – such as laptops, consumer electronics, appliances and, more recently, wearables.

There are many resources available for mobile repairs, such as repair manuals, diagnostic tools, and mobile accessories. You will be able to increase your profits if you can offer service in your area.

You’ll have a variety of different clients coming in for different services. You can charge based on the scope of the problem, or even receive commissions for whatever parts you fix.

26. Flex Printing

You can easily start a small business printing all kinds of posters, flyers and other graphic pieces from a small shop at an affordable cost.

This is an excellent idea for those looking to make money on a small scale. You can start small and test out the business, and then once you’re satisfied, you can expand to a bigger shop. The profit margins will definitely be greater for you if you decide to work from home.

27. Tutoring

There are a lot of people who are interested in becoming self-taught experts in different fields. These people are perfectly capable of doing this, so why not turn it into a business?

A good place to start is with tutoring and tutor outsourcing services. There are a variety of things you can charge per hour for, and this kind of business is always profitable.

For example, if you have a good knowledge of medical science, there are so many people who would like to learn more about this and hire you to tutor them. Alternatively, you can work as a tutor for a private tutor that is in high demand and has so many clients.

28. Gym Centre

Gym centres can be started on a very small scale and can eventually turn into a massive empire. People are becoming increasingly health-conscious and are now looking for options to get fit and stay fit without having to leave their house.

If you own a gym centre, then your customers can do whatever it takes to make themselves healthy and stay healthy. Getting fitness instructors from around the country and assembling a team of qualified professionals is not very difficult anymore.

For a monthly fee, the customers get equipment from the gym, which allows them to stay fit. This is one of the best and most profitable business ideas in Kerala.

29. Yoga Centre

If you’re a fitness junkie, then this is an idea that you’ll love. In Kerala, there’s plenty of yoga centres to choose from, and many different people come to them to learn various yoga styles.

These yoga centres are booming in Kerala, and people flock to them for a variety of reasons. Some come for yoga as a way to heal their body, others come to lose weight or to find peace and happiness within their life.

These people want to find their purpose in life and meditation is part of that process. If you love the thought of giving your life meaning by helping others, then these centres will suit you just fine.

30. Restaurant Business

The Restaurant Business is one of the most successful business ideas in the country. It offers an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and, of course, you also receive a profit. There are several ways to set up a restaurant business in Kerala. These are some of the most common.

New restaurants tend to be in traditional Kerala hotels. These restaurants are popular because they are comfortable and offer the guests a genuine experience.

Restaurants that are in new locations usually focus on a niche clientele which is the youth population.

In small towns, your restaurant is one of the important sources of income for your home. Your restaurant is also a place where people get to know you and your work.

31. Tour Guide

One of the most profitable business ideas in Kerala is to become a tour guide. Apart from the obvious bonuses such as earning money while being outdoors, tourists are often fascinated by the regions they are visiting.

So, it is highly likely that you will earn a lot of respect from your customers.

32. Beauty Parlour

If you’re a makeup fanatic, you’ll love the profit potential of a beauty parlour. Whether you’re looking for a full-service beauty parlour or looking to hire a beauty therapist, there’s a beauty parlour for you!

33. Mobile App Developers

If you’re an app lover, you’ll be crazily excited by the possibility of mobile app development! There’s so much money to be made and the opportunities are endless.

There’s also no shortage of potential clients either, as mobile is becoming more and more popular.

34. Ice Cream Parlour

Kerala is called the land of many flavours, and ice cream parlours are a major part of the melting pot that is known as India’s IKANOVA.

Known as Malabar for the vast expanse of its coastline, Kerala is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

Chillar Waterfalls, Mahabalipuram, is another famous tourist attraction in Kerala. These waterfalls are nature’s treat to the scorching summers of India. Kerala’s coast is also the hub of many popular seafood restaurants like Mrinalini’s and Ashiyanna.

If you are looking to pursue a career in business, you might consider starting up an ice cream parlour in Kerala. Ice cream is a delicious way of getting people to socialise and it will be a unique experience for people.

35. Ginger Garlic Paste Making

This is an ideal business that anyone can start up with minimal investment.

That’s a good enough reason to start a ginger garlic paste production business in Kerala and get instant cash flow. In the market, garlic paste is sold at a premium, so you can get a decent amount of money even if you don’t sell a full kilo.

36. Hair Band Making

Hair band making is an easy, fun and profitable business idea for you to consider. A hairband is a small, durable piece of plastic, which you can use to hold back your hair. It is either made of coloured plastic or light plastic to match your outfit.

Hair bands are very much in demand and are pretty cheap to make. You can sell your hair bands at events, fairs, weddings, parties and other such gatherings. You can set up your own little booth at the venue, and your hair band making business will give you a decent income.

37. Plastic recycling

Plastic recycling is another easy and profitable business idea for you to consider. If you have a large amount of plastic that you no longer use, you can now recycle it into other things such as clothing, furniture, etc.

38. Leather Belt Manufacturing

With more and more people opting for comfortable and fashionable leather belts, you would think there would be a market for this kind of business. Unfortunately, Kerala has no actual leather belt manufacturing industry.

However, Kerala is one of the largest producers of rubber in India, and manufacturing that may have a little more demand. If you were to manufacture your own belts, they could come in a variety of materials, colours and designs and will be sure to sell quickly.

39. Curio Shop

One of the more common businesses that tourists come to Kerala to buy is curios. These can range from mementoes, clothing and accessories, antiques, artworks, sculptures, articles of worship and every imaginable kind of craftsmanship.

The prices are low and tourists come from far and wide to fill their homes with these beautiful pieces that are often handmade and unique.

40. Jam Jelly Production

Jam jelly is a widely popular traditional food in Kerala. This sweet jam is made from fresh palm oil, ground coconut, a secret blend of spices, sugar and cardamom.

For years, home producers have been making and selling Jam Jelly, making it a lucrative business to get into if you’re someone who has a knack for jam making.

Because it requires a bit of DIY know-how, this business will require a little more work than others. However, if you’re willing to make the effort, it could make you a lot of money in no time!

41. Bag Manufacturing

These durable bags can easily last for years and can also be customized to suit the needs of customers. The premium quality bags are also light and can be carried easily. They are popular for their durability and fashion-inspired looks.

While the bags were once a well-known product for the common man, they have now found a new use as a garment bag for customers at weddings. The bags can also be made in small sizes for office-goers.

Nowadays, bags are preferred for weddings, photo sessions, luggage carrying and even traditional wedding attire.

42. Lemonade Making

By making your own lemonade (or any other drink) and selling it in front of your house or by the road, you can make a lot of money. This is a very popular business idea in Kerala, as so many households have lemon trees in their backyard.

If you’re a complete novice when it comes to lemonade making, you could simply buy a ready-made kit, which is fairly cheap. The preparation can be done at your own pace and you can even provide your own flavour to the drinks if you want to.

If you’re more experienced in this area, then this is an ideal business idea that will help you get started.

43. Nut Bolt Making

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make your own nut bolts right in your own backyard? That’s exactly what Nut Bolt Making will allow you to do.

This local business gives you all the equipment needed to run your own nut bolt factory.

You’ll be able to take them into your own backyard, secure them properly, and start selling them to your customers! Now that is a profitable business idea!

44. Toys Selling

When most people think of doing business, they immediately think of large companies that sell manufactured products, but they forget that there are a lot of small businesses that still sell products.

One of the most successful small businesses is toys selling in Kerala. From jigsaw puzzles to toys for small children, there’s a huge market for this business in the state.

You don’t need to be a professional to get started with this business! You can start selling on the street, or you can set up a store and sell through franchises. This will give you a chance to work with a large volume of customers.

45. Nail Polish Manufacturing

If you love to paint your nails, then this is the business for you! The lacquer industry is thriving in India. Nail polish manufacturing is the best industry in Kerala and has seen tremendous growth over the years. Nail polishes are big business in the state of Kerala.

Many manufacturers are now focusing on the rising demand for natural nail polish products. Natural nail polish products also have added benefits such as being good for the environment, being antibacterial, and being eco-friendly. This gives a great chance for individuals to open a salon and create a brand-new market for themselves.

46. Packaging Drinking Water Business

Kerala is now one of the leading state in India in the production of branded drinking water.

There are many reasons why you should consider starting this business. The most important is the fact that there are no “low-hanging fruits” left to get to.

From the standpoint of market demand, there is still a huge demand for branded drinking water products. However, the lack of distribution channels limits the growth potential of the business. this is one of the best and most profitable business ideas in Kerala.

47. Papad Making

One of the easiest ways to make money in Kerala is by making papad. The papad industry in Kerala has so much potential and is an easy business to enter, with little overhead costs to start with.

Also, papad making is simple, cheap, and not very labour-intensive. By first making papad, and then selling it, you can earn money as a side income for working and studying. If you’re interested in making papad, here are some sources to get started.

48. Frozen Food Making

If you want to start a business that’s easy to manage and will make you lots of money, then you need to consider starting a food business. With a growing population of people, demand for frozen food is also high.

Many areas of Kerala are dependent on food from other states and these regions are expected to grow further in the coming years.

Eating healthy and hygienic food will keep people healthy and the food industry will be there to serve your needs.

49. Paper Bag Making

It may sound rather mundane, but paper bags make an excellent business. Not only are they easy to produce, but they can be used for a wide variety of things and they last a very long time too.

There are lots of various ways to make paper bags with varying amounts of time, effort, and money required.

Paper bags are made of paper, which is coated in either a thick layer of wax or resin and can be used for everything from grocery shopping to home repairs.

Once it has been coated with either wax or resin, the bag can be either made in one-ply, two-ply, or three-ply (for a greater load-carrying capacity). It can also be made of corrugated cardboard, polypropylene plastic, or any other material that is strong and durable.

50. Paper Cup Manufacturing

With the Indian Economy soaring to new heights, there are more opportunities in Kerala to work. If you are looking to start your own business to make some extra money, then this is the perfect business idea for you.

These paper cup manufacturing companies provide high-quality, recyclable cups for cafes, restaurants, hotels, and more.

In addition, you can make as much as Rs 40,000 every month if you invest Rs 1.5 lakh and reach the quota of 20,000 cups per month. As long as you do this part-time, you’ll make some money and there are no fixed working hours, which is something you need in order to start a successful business in Kerala.

51. Pet Bottle Manufacturing

Pet bottle manufacturing is one of the most profitable businesses you can start in Kerala.

If you start a pet bottle manufacturing company, then you can sell bottles and other pet-related products like food, toys, and shampoos. All you need to make a profit is to increase the demand for the products and to get customers to buy more and more of your products.

Kerala’s booming pet market can help you increase your customer base and sell your products at a higher profit margin.

52. Auto Cabs

One of the easiest business ideas to start is starting an auto taxi service in Kerala.

You can start a service that provides affordable taxis to the people of Kerala by renting cars at discounted rates from the drivers or by purchasing a used car.

53. Rubber Product Manufacturing

Rubber products are used in almost all sectors, from industry to household. In India, there are many different natural rubber products such as rubber tyres, tyres for tractors, bags, and boots.

If you want to start a business, then there are many ways you can manufacture rubber products. Apart from machinery and raw materials, rubber plantations are also necessary to produce the raw materials for different rubber products.

This is where you might want to invest. Some opportunities include:

  • Make sacks, baskets and shoes
  • Crop rubber
  • Particle dust and hot water extractions
  • Manufacture of pellets and use them for making components

54. Spices Grinding Business

Tired of constantly buying spices from the supermarket and paying through the nose for them? Why not create your own spice grinding business and make your own products that people want to buy?

Spices are one of the most popular items in most homes and grocery stores. They can be used in everything from baking to cooking. At its core, a spice business is all about grinding and mixing spices and spice blends.

There are quite a few spices that you can add to their product, so you’ll have options. You can have coffee mixes and chai spice mixes as well as spices for all sorts of sauces, soups, salads, stews, and more.

The business is not going to be easy, but it will be very lucrative.

55. Pickle Making

One of the oldest and most unique businesses in Kerala is pickle making, which started thousands of years ago. According to legend, the locals were trying to preserve foods for long winter months when they found a way to preserve them through the process of pickling.

Nowadays Kerala people enjoy eating various types of pickled foods. Various types of pickled foods are made by drying fruits and vegetables in huge vats made of palm leaves.

The pickle is not made by adding brine directly to the fruits and vegetables. Instead, the fruit is squeezed to get out excess liquid and soaked in water for a few days. This process is called ‘Dehydration’.

56. Shrimp Farming

Is shrimp farming a profitable business? This is one of the most profitable business ideas in Kerala, especially if you live in the Malappuram district.

The farm you set up can be near to the waterways, so you don’t need a huge plot. A 20 to 50-hectare shrimp farm will cost you less than 2 million Indian Rupees (roughly $39,000 to $59,000 USD).

Making money off shrimp doesn’t stop after harvest either, there are a lot of ways you can make money while you wait for your next paycheck from your shrimp farm.

You can sell shrimp by the pound to the local market or sell the tails and shells separately. A local handicraft vendor can sell shrimp-themed artwork.

57. Raincoat Making

If you’re looking for a job that will give you an incredible amount of satisfaction, then perhaps making the perfect raincoat should be on your shortlist.

Raincoats are no longer for your fickle friends who want to take you out to brunch or spend a rainy day with you, but rather a necessary part of your daily wardrobe!

If you’re looking to start your own business as a sole trader, the initial setup is relatively easy, but maintaining the business is time-consuming.

It will take you quite a bit of time to create and refine the perfect raincoat, but the money will be well spent as once you hit the right angle, you’ll be able to charge a pretty penny for it.

58. Tamarind Pulp Making

A good way to start a profitable business in Kerala is by making a living off the produce of trees that you can easily find in your backyard. As a tamarind trader, you’ll have to get the tamarind pulp from the trees.

This is a part of the trees, where the seeds are found. There are many tamarind trees that grow in almost every town of Kerala. Usually, the pulp is used for food but you can also make pulp paper out of it.

To get the pulp, the trees require a little effort. Take a small tamarind tree, a bit of water and some fertilizer, which is ready to be taken to a kiln.

Fill the kiln with kiln-fired tamarind, fill the kiln again with lime or gypsum and finally fill the kiln again with fire. The kiln needs to be in a moderate temperature like 70-75 degrees and the fire needs to be small.

59.  Solar Business

Many households across Kerala are still dependent on the traditional usage of solar energy. Through solar energy, you can provide electricity to various areas or whole villages by charging batteries and transferring the electricity to the house.

Go solar to provide power to homes across Kerala. You can use hybrid solar panels or PV cells to charge batteries and sell the electricity to the house through inverters.

Promote home solar panels and batteries in Kerala with this crowdfunding campaign.

Or there are some other local entrepreneurs that are using different solar panel setups. Check out their videos and photos to learn more about these DIY solar power setups.

Conclusion: Business Ideas in Kerala

If you’re looking to start a business, then this list of business ideas in Kerala should help you get started. At the end of the day, you can be sure of one thing, the business idea you have today will be bigger and better tomorrow. So start today!

I hope this post helps you with your quest to become a successful business owner. You might also want to read the follow-up article on How to Start a Business from Scratch.

Remember to share it with your friends if you liked it.

I know this post wasn’t easy to write, but I am sure it will help you to find your unique niche and start a business in Kerala.

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