7 Best Digital Marketing Analytics Tools You Should Know About 

Digital Marketing Analytics Tools

You should know about digital marketing analytics tools if you are a blogger or digital marketer. Companies place a high value on data and information, and they use a variety of tools to process it.  

The marketing campaigns and their effectiveness is measured by the tools including the Marketing Analytics tool. These analytics software packages include features such as gathering data from all channels in your marketing mix—such as websites, social media pages, or print ads—and combining it so you have one cohesive picture with which to work. 

Advertisers who use proper marketing analytics software can use their time and resources more effectively, achieve better results, and gain a deeper understanding of the impact of each marketing campaign. Digital marketing teams can use these Digital marketing reporting dashboards to measure and manage performance, maximising both investment justification and effectiveness. 

A few tools discussed here concentrate on specific channels to market. These include email, display, social media, or advertising via search whereas the other channels focus on data aggregation and assess the data as a whole. 

Digital analytics tools, as part of digital strategy, assist digital marketers in gaining a comprehensive view of what’s going on across the board by compiling data from every area in which they’re working: website traffic; TV commercial impressions; total likes on Facebook posts made more than two weeks ago… We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Digital marketing reporting dashboards that can assist you, regardless of your goals. 

7 digital marketing analytics tools: 

  1. Mix Panel 
  2. Klipfolio  
  3. Google Analytics 
  4. SEMrush 
  5. Heap Analytics 
  6. BuzzSumo 
  7. Cyfe  

1. Mix Panel: 

This tool is utilized to monitor the things people are doing on your app or a website. It generally tracks the events on the website or the application. It then allows you to see why your website or application is being used by the people. Basically, this tool helps track the activities on your mobile application or a website.

 Characteristics of Mixpanel are: 

  • Individual user tracking based on their sessions.
  • A/B testing.
  • Funnels. 
  • Analysing trends in selected events. 

It was designed primarily for product managers, as its features are more product-oriented than marketing-oriented. Whether it’s product ordering or social media shares of a post. The tracking of events will be shown on your dashboard after you are done selecting the events. It will also show you other data that you want to monitor.  

Mix Panel’s goal is to keep track of what’s happening on your website, mobile app, or product.  

A Mix panel was created with product managers in mind. One of its major functions is to work more around products rather than around marketing. Marketing departments use it to track user behaviour and optimise funnel insights based on who was the first to use that feature–allowing data analysts at large and small agencies to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing. 

2. Klipfolio: 

Klipfolio’s features include: 

  • Several branding options are available, such as logo replacement. 
  • Add annotations to reports so that others can see them. 
  • Model of security that can be trusted 
  • Files on a computer can be uploaded directly. 
  • A Platform for self-editing KPIs 
  • Dashboard assembly has been simplified. 

Pre-built dashboards are available. There is no need to create your own template in order to get desired results. One of the examples of pre-built dashboards is the Facebook ads monitoring dashboard. But, of course, if you still want, you can create a dashboard of your own. Klipfolio combines data from platforms from various social platforms and other analytics tools and combines the information in one dashboard. It allows you to track and analyse your progress all at once.  

Klipfolio’s dashboard marketing analytics software allows you to track your marketing performance in a dynamic and interactive way. If you have a need of tracking the data of multiple marketing channels you own, Klipfolio is an extraordinary tool. It helps in showing the collective data at once. You can, however, customise your dashboard to meet your specific needs if you still like your build. You can use Klipfolio to create a portfolio of your work. 

3. Google Analytics: 

New conversions are difficult to define and track, and there is no way to track individual user sessions and learn how they use your site. An alternative to following singular client meetings and allowing clients to truly use your site.  

Google Analytics can be combined with other tools such as Google AdWords and Google Data Studio. 

Google AdWords and Google Data Studio are combined with Google Analytics tools to integrate the collective data. The combined data helps for a more in-depth examination of your marketing data. This tool will also show you who your website’s visitors are, where they found your website, how long they stayed on it, and many other factors. 

4. SEMrush: 

To know about the Adwords campaigns of the rivals, use SEMrush. This tool helps in analysing and reporting on the competitors’ campaigns. It allows the user to get more insightful information and to know the traffic in an extraordinary manner. 

SEMrush is a useful tool for marketers who want to improve their search engine traffic and keep track of what their competitors are doing. 

It helps by providing the search results in order to outperform your competitors. Also, it provides an easier manner of monitoring the competitors’ accounts available on social media sites. 

In order to track the online activities of the competitors’ brands and social media campaigns, SEMrush is used. It provides the best information for you to beat the competitors in all those aspects and keep an eye on their activities. 

SEMrush has the following features: 

  • Tracker for Links and Ranks 
  • Checker for on-page SEO 
  • Tracker of position 
  • Watch out for keywords 
  • The project’s dashboard 
  • Report on Visibility 
  • An Overview of the Domain 

5. Heap Analytics: 

Heap is a mobile and web analytics tool that performs almost identically to Mix Panel. This tool will track all of your website visitors’ actions. 

Heap also tracks individual consumer behaviour, allowing you to categorise people based on their actions. This is not the solution for you if you intend to use any Android app as a social media manager. 

Heap data analysis will constantly track any activity performed by your online customers, and you can individually select and evaluate the occurrences you would be willing to investigate on your platform. 

Heap’s characteristics include: 

  • Real-time information 
  • Direct access to data 
  • Obtaining information 
  • Visualizer of events 
  • Streams of user activity 
  • Stats from the past 
  • Tracking events according to your specifications 
  • Reporting on retention • Observation of patterns 

6. BuzzSumo: 

It is an analyzer for social media sites. After analysing, it provides information regarding top trends on the dashboard.

This feature is a detail-oriented content and social media analysis platform. Other features include complex keyword search processors, content genre filters, hyperlink statistics, and even affiliate digital marketing tools, according to BuzzSumo.  

In a nutshell, this is a Digital marketing reporting dashboard for social media that can help you analyse the impact your content and social media presence have on your target audience.  

BuzzSumo data on trendy topics from social media. In order to get an insight on old data, for example from the last 15 hours or maybe a few months back, BuzzSumo is used. More of the available features include backlink information and search operators.  

This platform can assist you with the following:  

  • Keyword searches in an advanced manner. 
  • Content Filters.
  • Backlink data. 
  • Marketing with influencers  

It also tracks individual consumer behaviour, allowing you to categorise people based on their actions. This is not the solution for you if you intend to use it.

7. Cyfe: 

 Cyfe is a dashboard that allows marketers to view data from multiple marketing analysis tools in one location. When something goes wrong with a campaign page you’re using, you’ll receive instant notifications on your phone or email, saving you countless hours of searching back and forth between programmes to figure out what went wrong and where. It can collect information from all of your social media marketing platforms, sales platforms, PPC marketing channels, and other  

You can keep track of data from the following sources: 

  • With Cyfe, you can manage all of your social media channels PPC marketing channels, sales platforms, and more sources.

It’s easy to use; simply click on the icon and you’ll be taken to a dashboard that displays the results of various marketing campaigns. When you click on any item, you’ll be given the option to add it to a campaign. You can set your goals and time frame to see how well it works and if anything needs to be changed.

Cyfe allows the combination of data from different tools to analyse the market and to have an overview in one single dashboard that operates as one solution to all requirements 


Make sure you choose the right tools because they will aid you in understanding the data. You now understand why marketing analytics tools are necessary. You’ve also seen the best marketing analytics tools on the market. We hope that this list aids you in locating the best Marketing Analytics tools for your requirements. 

This article shows the tools that can be simply used by anyone with little know-how. If you want to get better results, keep looking for more tools to help you grow.

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