An Overview of Optical Character Recognition technology tools

An Overview of Optical Character Recognition technology tools

A question: Need something that saves time, resources, and money while extracting and storing data?

An answer: Automated data extraction and storage technology such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

In artificial intelligence, OCR was one of the first to emerge as a mature technology.

Explain Optical Character Recognition?

OCR is also known as text recognition worldwide. It is an excellent software technology for transferring any text from a handwritten document or an image. It electronically identifies text and converts it to a machine-readable text file.

What is the process of Optical Character Recognition?

Implementing OCR technology becomes quite challenging due to multiple reasons, such as different fonts and letter forming methods. Otherwise, it is a simple concept, nothing complicated at all.

The OCR implementation can become massively intricate when it comes to handwritten notes instead of typed or digitized text. There are steps with three primary goals in the OCR process.

  • Image pre-processing
  • Character recognition
  • Post-processing

Image pre-processing:

In the first stage, the technology first transforms the physical shape of the file or document into an image, such as a record picture. This stage ensures the accuracy of the machine’s representation while also removing any unwanted oddities.


After that, this turned to a black and white depiction and was analyzed for bright vs. dark characters or clear vs. blur.


Then image gets fragmented into separate bits through the OCR system. Those bits are spreadsheets, text, or inset graphics.


Character Recognition Using AI:

AI analyzes either dark or blurred areas of the image to recognize characters and numbers. To target one letter, phrase, or paragraph at a time, AI usually uses one of the following methods:

Recognition of Patterns:

A variety of languages, text formats, and handwriting is employed by technology to train the AI system.

To find matches, the letters in the picture are compared by the program to the notes it has learned previously or had in storage.


Recognizing Features:

The algorithm employs rules based on specific character attributes to recognize new characters.

A feature is the number of tilted, crossing, or arched lines in a letter.



AI corrects Flaws in the finished work. Glossary of terms is instructed to AI technology. After this step, the AI’s output is restricted to those terms to ensure no interpretations are outside that vocabulary or format.

Advantages of OCR:

The OCR technology makes text searches, editing, and storage simple and more effortless; this is the primary benefit. Corporations and people use OCR to save files on their PCs or other devices while guaranteeing easy accessibility to all records.

Listing benefits,

1.Speeds up your workflow. Your task gets done inadequate time.
2.Cut back on spending.
3.Automate the routing of documents and the processing of content.
4.OCR keeps your data protected and centralized. You don’t have to face any document loss.
5.Employees are ensured that they will get recent and precise information through this software.


Here we will have a look at an OCR tool.

Image to text converter:

 Optical  Recognition technology

How tool work?

  • Visit
  • Drag and drop your image or upload it.
  • Alternatively, enter the URL if you have a link to the image.
  • Press the Submit button.
  • The text can be copied to the clipboard or saved as a document.


  • Free-of-cost: You don’t have to spend any money to use this tool; this is free.
  • Various Image Formats: Several image formats are supported by this tool, such as JPG JPEG JPE JFIF JIF JFI BMP PNG TIFF.
  • Text File Download: You can save it as a text document when you’re finished extracting text. You can make customized changes to that file according to your specifications.
  • Extraction Using Artificial Intelligence: It uses AI-based text extraction to provide 100 per cent accuracy.

This is a wonderful tool for extracting text from digitized images or handwritten notes. It saves time as well as resources.

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