Best Times To Post On Tumblr

best times to post on Tumblr

The best times to post on Tumblr are essential to get more success in business. The best way to use social media is to understand the intention of the platform. 

The purpose of Tumblr is to share and reblog posts with your followers. 

While you can post content from other sites, it’s not the primary intention of the site. 

There are specific times during the day that should use for posting on Tumblr and other times that should avoid.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a reader-driven, show-up Tumblr timeline. Every time you want to see something new, you create a post that shows up on the timeline for your followers to see. 

Suppose you have more followers than your timeline has followers. In that case, your post will appear in a separate drop-down window, which you can drag to the middle of your timeline to make it seem right under your followers. 

Each post is set to private so that no one can see it. The default time limit is seven days. Popular posts include memes, lists, popular memes, lists of popular tweets, and more.

Why Does Tumblr Exist?

Tumblr is where people come to share content. It is a social network where users post posts, so to speak that are reblogged by their followers. 

While Tumblr is primarily a visual platform, the style of posts and comments make it appealing for everyone. 

They can be minimal or heavy with the perfect amount of eye candy. They can be long or short, occasionally using jpg or gifs. 

There are very few rules to posting, except for the rule that you should not be posting pornography or hate speech. 

There are a variety of hashtags you can use to find inspiration, so feel free to post anything that pops into your head. 

Tips For Better Posts

When posting on Tumblr, you have two main options: 

1. Automatic Posting

2. Manual Posting

You can have a post scheduled to be automatically posted at a specific time, or you can schedule your post to go live on a particular day. 

It means that you can have your post scheduled for a particular time, such as Monday: 10 am EST Wednesday: 12 pm EST. Once your post is scheduled, ensure it contains a visible date, time, and date/time/date string. 

It helps you build anticipation for your post. Also, add a caption that says: “My posts are going live TOMORROW at 1 pm EST!” OR “Post will go live at 1 pm EST TOMORROW!” 

In addition to showing your readers that the post will go live on a specific day, you can use the date/time/date string to build suspense to show that the post will be released early.

What To Avoid On Tumblr

Avoid posting with text; your primary purpose is to share the art and not need text to explain it. 

If the art is complex, it makes more sense to explain it as a whole and not just the image. 

The majority of the users on Tumblr do not want text on their posts. They want art and photos to look like the image is speaking directly to them. 

A community called Vectors is made explicitly for graphic designers and artists to share art and receive feedback from the community. 

Posting images without text makes it more difficult for your followers to understand and connect to your posts. 

It could make it very difficult for your fans to connect to your posts and engage with them. They will feel like you just posted images without any substance or meaning.

Best Times to Post on Tumblr

The best time to post on Tumblr is from 11 am to 1 pm EST. It is an ideal time to post content for your followers to see. 

There are a lot of posts being published during this time, so it’s a good time to catch the eyes of your followers. 

If you will use the morning hours to post, choose an attractive picture to use with a large, vibrant caption. 

It will encourage a lot of interaction from your followers.

The Best Days and Time Slots to Post on Tumblr

This infographic from Jen of The Curiosity Chronicles shows a breakdown of the best times to post on the site based on users. 

It also shows other popular times that are considered dangerous for different types of social media sites. 

More time and date information for your use. Here are the specifics for posting on Tumblr: The best time to post on Tumblr is at 12 pm EST. That’s right, 12 am EST is just too late! 

Tweet when the American Grammys are being shown on Tumblr and leave a link to your post. 

It will be a popular post because you can incorporate many captions or use the hashtag #GRAMMYs. 

And then include the awards show the link as a link at the end of your post. When posting is a good choice is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning.

The Best Type of Content for Tumblr

There are certain types of content that you should post to Tumblr. 

According to Tumblr, the most popular types of posts on the site include: “Sexy” (open post, write a post), “Beautiful” (open post, write a post), “Practical” (closed post), “Practical yet beautiful” (closed post, write a post) “Pure” (closed post) “Honest” (closed post) “Wholesome” (closed post) “Fun” “Adventurous” (closed post). “

I want to live in a world that exists like this one, and I want to show others that it’s worth living like this too!” 

While these are some of the most popular types of posts, we want to hear about the content you think is most beneficial to your readers. 

Best Time to Send a Direct Message on Tumblr

If you want to send a direct message on Tumblr, you can message a username and message back to the user. 

If you want to send a private message to a user, you can send a username and then select a message from the drop-down. 

Once you send the message, it will be sent to the user and viewed by any other users. 

The message will then disappear. We recommend you wait until the user is active to send the private message. 

You can send the message from the drop-down. You will see the number of messages that are received for each username as you scroll down. 

Best Time to Post On Other social media

Best Time to Post on Facebook

The best times to post on Facebook are: Before bed. If you’re going to bed, posting an image or a video is a great idea. 

Posting a photo or a video when you get up is a great idea. Posting on social media during bedtime is generally not a good idea. You might miss a message, or wake someone up. 

Best Time to Post on LinkedIn

Do not post anything else than job-related material to LinkedIn. You may want to post some other times, but be warned: don’t post personal images or topics. 

The purpose of the platform is to find people who can help you. Therefore, your profile must be on LinkedIn. 

If you have some weird interests that you’d like to blog about, do your research on which keywords will be best for the search engines to pick up on, and post those once per week. 

Best Time to Post on Twitter Twitter is an excellent platform for fast-paced content. It is less interactive than Facebook and less personal than Instagram. I advise that you post shorter pieces of content with higher engagement and make your posts brief and concise. Try to make the most of the 140 character limit.

Best Time to Post on Instagram

The best time to post on Instagram is at 2:00 pm (PDT). Use the colors yellow and red (Use the arrows to cycle through them). 

The time you post an image or video is primarily dictated by the mobile application you’re using. 

There is no optimal time to post to Instagram; there are only best times to post. 

Best Time to Post on Twitter

Best Time to Post on Twitter The best time to post on Twitter is: Morning (7 am, 7:15 am, 7:30 am, etc.) 

During the workday (9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, etc.) Before midnight. The end of a day is the ideal time to post on Twitter because it inspires what to post next. 

During vacations and holiday breaks: Although vacations and holidays don’t fall during the workweek, it’s possible to post between 5 pm and 9 pm.

Best Time to Post on Pinterest

Most of the time, most of the topics you can post on Pinterest are popular among your audience. 

Think of topics you would like to see your audience talking about, and use these ideas to plan a Pinterest session. 

We also recommend having a specific Pinterest board called “Ideas.”

Best Time to Post on Snapchat

The best time to post on Snapchat is during peak times. The best time to post on Snapchat is after school or at night. 

For best results, take your camera and take a picture. Then, use the social media platform’s mobile app. 

Type in the location of the snap and then click “Send Story.” Your story will appear in your Snapchat feed for 24 hours and can be viewed by your followers. 

Best Time to Post on Telegram

The best times to post on Telegram are at the end of the day when everyone is having dinner and recapping the day. 


You understand when Best times to post on Tumblr. Using Tumblr well isn’t easy, but it is gratifying. 

With so many fun and unique features, it’s a unique social media network worth looking at. 

Just don’t forget about the basics: using the right emojis and being polite! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. 

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