20 Best WordPress Themes For Adsense

Best Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes

Are you searching for the best WordPress themes for Adsense to maximize your AdSense income?

Well, you’re lucky! On this page, you will discover the best WordPress themes For AdSense, which were explicitly designed by webmasters to aid website owners to increase their AdSense income!

Each of these themes is uniquely created so they will not interfere with any other program that you’re displaying on your web server.

The best WordPress themes for Adsense offer many unique features that will enhance your website’s look and function and increase your AdSense income.

These unique WordPress themes were designed by Google AdSense experts, focusing on ensuring that your website and AdSense account are easy to manage.

Each of the themes available is created by professional designers who have made it their mission to make sure that their themes are visually appealing and functional.

It means that even if you are a beginner when it comes to working with HTML code, you can easily work with these responsive ad units because the default theme is very easy to use.

The best WordPress themes for Adsense

There are top collections of the best WordPress themes for Adsense that we are going to cover.

1. Newspaper

Newspaper WordPress theme for AdSense is one of the best options you have if you are looking for a good way of promoting your business on the Internet.

It is highly customizable to fit your content and design requirements perfectly. With an appropriate choice of template, plug-ins and colours, you can produce attractive ads without having to spend a lot of money or time.

All you have to do is enhance your website’s performance by optimizing it regularly and adequately improving the code to display ads relevant to the content on your page.

All your web pages should be optimized for AdSense so that you will get maximum clicks from readers.

Many factors make this important. The theme you choose must give your readers information they can use when they click on the ads, it should be relevant to the topic they are reading about, and it should also be eye-catching.

It will help your page rank up in the search engines, thus increasing your chances of getting targeted traffic.


2. Jannah

Jannah WordPress theme for AdSense is high quality and highly search engine friendly theme.

It is fully automated, uses the most recent SEO trends, and is easy to install.

Jannah WordPress theme is an ideal solution for websites that want to reach the maximum number of visitors while not spending much money on advertising.

The first thing you need to do to get started with the Jannah WordPress theme is select the appropriate template from Jannah themes pre-installed.

After choosing a suitable theme, you can create your website by adding your text, images, and colours.

You will also add additional modules like sidebars, footers, login forms, and more.

It will give you complete control over how the ads on your site appear and change over time.

To add these additional features, all you need to do is get an advertising plug-in, activate it on your website, and add any ad text, image or colour to your site.

Most of the plug-ins available in the market are highly customizable, so you can get exactly the look and feel that you want.


3. The Fox

The Fox WordPress Theme for Google AdSense can bring you some serious profits.

The theme is very user-friendly, and the theme utilizes many of the same functions that the paid versions of the site have.

Including the colour scheme, the logo, the navigation bar and even the option to use the code to create your custom graphics.

Many web developers use the Fox theme for AdSense as it is effortless to install a theme, and most of all, it is very discreet.

Users will notice nothing on the site until visitors click on the ads. Once these ads start appearing on the site, they will immediately turn the visitor’s eyes to the ads.

It creates a sense of urgency for the site visitor to act now or lose out on all the fabulous goodies coming their way.

These features make the site very effective in increasing the number of clicks done each day.


4. Divi

Divi WordPress Theme is a trendy and useful theme for optimizing your websites.

It is a fully customizable template engine that allows website owners to create visually awesome and professional-looking websites easily.

It is a unique WordPress theme that is fully optimized to make the most of Google’s AdSense program.

This theme is SEO friendly and is designed to use the most recent WordPress code so that they maximize the potential of AdSense.

When you use an SEO friendly theme, you will notice a dramatic increase in your search engine rankings.

Divi WordPress Theme is used by many professional online marketing sites and bloggers as their preferred blogging platform.

One other nice feature of this theme is that you can create a responsive website with it.

It means that you can use a sidebar on each of your pages that automatically change colour based on what content is being displayed on that page.

It is a compelling feature and is helpful for site owners who want to have many different options on their website and make sure that visitors are always getting the information they need.


5. Extra

Extra WordPress theme is a beautiful and functional WordPress theme that is very easy to install and use.

It is an elementary but highly functional theme that does what it says.

This WordPress Theme comes with many great preconfigured widgets such as PageRank counters, progress pies, and much more.

With so many preconfigured widgets, you can personalize your site and make it as unique as possible.

The theme functions as a wrapper around your regular page, giving your visitor a fresh start on your page without the hassle of replacing HTML code.

You can change the colour scheme, change the style of the text, and generally change the look of your site in any number of ways, making these themes ideal for sites that don’t require a lot of customization.


6. Neve

The Neve WordPress Theme is a fully functional, professional and secure AdSense ready WordPress theme.

You can use it with any hosting platform (BlueHost) to use this theme.

With the theme, you get a fully optimized and search engine friendly blog theme with fully functioning SEO ready plug-ins.

The Neve WordPress themes come with lots of features such as built-in SEO options, a built-in visitor counter, a sitemap, and many more.

These features will give you maximum exposure and help you earn more money from your website.

You can even change the colour scheme according to your preferences.

Most of the themes come with all the features that are required by any decent website.


7. Osnic

Osnic WordPress theme is a very simple WordPress theme that is super easy to install.
It is also very reliable, and you don’t need to wait long for your site to load.

The Osnic WordPress theme is super easy to customize, so even if you are new at web designing, you can still do many things with it.

Osnic WordPress theme works on both desktop and mobile devices, and it is very compatible with any plug-in that uses WordPress.

You can also choose to include or exclude AdSense ads from your website using Osnic’s theme options.

Osnic WordPress theme was designed to make it easy for readers to navigate your site.
You can select what type of links your ads will have, like plain text, bold, italics, or coloured links.

To add some more spice to your site, Osnic includes several video options, including a thumbnail for each ad.


8. JNews

The JNews theme has been created to have effortless coding, which makes it highly convenient to use.

Many of the features provided by JNews are also available in most other popular CMS systems, such as WordPress.

JNews is fully compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, and it will work seamlessly with any of the extensions that you may use on your WordPress site.

You can also install JNews onto a website that already has Joomla and will allow you to change the template style.

JNews is considered one of the most accessible themes to use, and it will add a lot of value to your site.

With JNews, you will be able to create an unlimited number of pages and install any plug-in that you want to on your site.

All of the features built into J News allow you to create unlimited articles and pictures, and you can change them whenever you want.

J News is a perfect theme for any site that you want to advertise.


9. Herald

The Herald WordPress theme is a beautiful tool to use in building your website.
This theme comes with several different options that can use in building your website from scratch.

However, it is not the same as having a pre-made template available on the Internet for you to use.

When you install this theme on your website, you will add all of your personal touches to your site and make it look like you want it.

The design of this site is quite user-friendly for the regular person who does not have any technical experience whatsoever.

If you have never built sites before or are someone who does not know how to make sites, the Herald theme will save you from many headaches.

One of the most popular features of this theme is choosing to put ads on any page of your site.

You can choose to display ads on the header, footer, sidebars, and other areas of your site.
There are so many different options for the type of ads that you can display on your site. It will be difficult for you not to find one that fits your particular taste.


10. Jevelin

Jevelin WordPress theme is a clean and organized theme for WordPress based websites.

It is very user friendly and comes with all features that one may require in a website.

The entire theme is built on top of the popularized WordPress platform. It makes use of the plug-ins that are already present in the WordPress software so that one can configure all their necessary options.

The theme provides a simple dashboard to manage your blog.
Once activated, many attractive ads appear on your blog pages, and you can customize these ads according to your preferences.

You can also change their colours, logo or text according to your desire.

It has a widget area where you can add your widgets such as AdSense, Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter. You can hide certain Widgets or add more if you wish to customize your blog page appearance.


11. Admania

Ad Mania WordPress Theme is a prevalent theme for WordPress that allows you to turn your blog into an AdSense publisher site.

It makes it easy to create a Google AdSense publisher site by allowing you to quickly and easily create a sitemap, upload your templates, and activate all the AdSense features right from your WordPress admin panel.

It makes it so simple to create a successful AdSense publisher site that even beginners can accomplish this task in minutes.

I believe Ad Mania is so easy to use that beginners should find it very easy to implement their AdSense websites.

The best thing about the Ad Mania theme is that it will automatically create ads that fit the page exactly.

No matter what kind of ad you’re trying to sell on your website,

Ad Mania will show you how to place the ads precisely on your web page.



Newsmag WordPress Theme for AdSense makes it easy to attract money making webmasters.

If you have been using a regular WordPress theme, then I am sure you can quickly adapt it to the requirements of an Adsense ready site.

The theme includes many different plug-ins and customizations to make your web content search engine friendly.

For any website, the goal is to draw traffic.

And when you use this theme, your website will stand out and attract visitors from search engines. You have the option to choose the colours for your blog and the layout.

Newsmag WordPress Theme for AdSense can be used as a starter theme for any new site or can use it to customize existing websites.


13. MagPlus

Using MagPlus WordPress Theme to build your online business means you can use all the Internet’s best features and use it for something useful.

MagPlus is one of the easiest to use, most competent WordPress themes for AdSense and Affiliate marketing that you will find anywhere.

You can also use this unique theme with almost any type of product or service you want to promote.

This theme comes included with over forty high-quality banners that you can use on your site.

By displaying products that you are promoting in the sidebar of your blog or website, you will be able to earn more money.

MagPlus is excellent at showing relevant products that other consumers have reviewed, so you are sure always to have products displayed that will be helpful to your customers.


14. Sahifa

Sahifa is a fully optimized and modified WordPress theme, which helps you create a complete website with the help of plug-ins and customizations available in WordPress.

If you have a simple to use the website for any purpose, you can get the best results with the help of this theme.

The theme would provide you with the best-designed graphics so that your site can match the current trends and demands of the customers and online visitors.

This theme would also support highly customized banners, graphics, and images to attract a maximum number of customers.

Apart from all these features, this theme is also an ideal choice for bloggers who wish to add personal touches to their websites.

Sahifa theme is specifically designed to be user friendly and easy to install and use.

It is handy when it comes to building highly professional looking websites.


15. MH Magazine

The MH Magazine theme is elementary to use; anyone who has ever used a website before should figure out how to set up the entire site, including the login area.

There are several different colours to choose from and many other themes that are easy to modify.

This theme comes with a simple shopping cart that allows you to quickly put products on the website and create the ordering process from there.

If you are not familiar with WordPress and can’t figure out how to do either one of those two things. It would probably be good to hire someone to build you a website or hire someone to design and create the product for you.

One of the best parts of this website theme is that you will have access to both Google AdWords and Google AdSense if you want to sell products or services from your site.


16. The Voux

The Voux also best WordPress Themes for AdSense is one of the most attractive and visually stimulating themes available in the marketplace.

It is a highly user-friendly theme, and it comes with all of the necessary features to make it easy for even new users to build a functional and attractive website.

If you are looking for a visually appealing theme that will not break the bank regarding cost, then The Voux WordPress Theme for AdSense is a theme you should look at.

It’s Unique – Who would’ve thought that The Voux theme for AdSense would be such a popular choice?

The theme doesn’t just change up the look of your site. It adds features that make using the site more efficient.

Some of these include categories in your header, search box, and footer.

The Voux theme automatically rearranges content in your blog to make it easier to read, as well. It also includes many plug-ins that allow you to customize the site further if you so desire.



Sea Shell WordPress Theme is a perfect choice for looking to create an attractive and eye-catching website.

Can apply a theme to both the home page and any other page on your site.

With the help of the Sea Shell WordPress Theme, you can make sure that your site will look equally attractive whether a visitor or a client uses it.

Sea Shells can create any number of different colour schemes.
You can use one of the available colour schemes as the base or modify it to customize it.

The theme can be easily customized so that your website will look as good as possible.

You can choose various graphics such as icons and buttons from the plug-in, and you can also select text themes.

In addition, there are many different icon sets available with the Sea Shell WordPress Theme. That will allow you to customize the appearance of your theme.


18. Goliath

Goliath theme is ideal for both beginners and experience.

Many Goliath themes already have built-in SEO, content management, email templates, a shopping cart, and many more built-in features. This means that the Goliath theme can be used by anyone who wants to create a professional website not have a lot of experience.

Using a Goliath theme is the best way to ensure that your site is the best it can be.

After all, even the best-designed sites can fail to gain rankings with major search engines if they are not correctly optimized.


19. Wise Mag

Wise Mag WordPress Theme for AdSense is a great solution for publishers who want to increase their earnings by putting their content on the web for others to view.

Using this theme, you can quickly turn your blog into an AdSense ready website in less than five minutes with just the click of your mouse.

Wise Mag WordPress Theme for AdSense will allow you to create a highly functional and professional looking website, even if you do not have any experience doing so.

These themes are great for bloggers who want to earn monetized income from their blogs. As well as traditional website owners who want to create a professional-looking site with the least amount of effort possible.


20. Truemag

A Truemag is one of the best WordPress Themes For AdSense.

It is a must-have for those getting ready to start earning money online and promoting their website via Google Adsense.

Truemag WordPress theme makes it easy for webmasters with little or no experience to put together a professional, high converting website.

It gives you total control over the look and feel of your site. Even includes some of the tools typically reserved for more expensive sites.

This theme also integrates seamlessly with other useful WordPress features such as the Contact button and error reporting.

No matter what you’re looking for, you can probably find an excellent theme for your site.


The Conclusion

There is no doubt that website templates have come a long way from the standard boring and uninspiring design.

The Internet has been flooded with templates customized according to your needs and used to create an attractive site for your business.

These are very useful for webmasters as they can change the look and feel of their site according to their moods and style.

You can also note that there is no limit. These best WordPress themes for Adsense can offer as you can add additional pages, change colour schemes and fonts etc.

With the availability of so many website templates, you should be able to find one that suits your business well.

If you are not sure about anything, you can always go for a trial before finalizing your decision. It will save both your time and money that you might spend on the purchase.

Remember, there is no need to rush to create an attractive and functional website for your business.

With the help of website templates available on the Internet, you will indeed have the final thought for website designs for your site.

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