Top 30 digital marketing mistakes to avoid

Digital Marketing Mistakes

There are a lot of digital marketing mistakes that you can make.

Every business owner wants to grow their company and make more money. It is essential to avoid them, so your digital marketing strategy doesn’t suffer.

If you’re an entrepreneur, your ultimate goal is likely to be a profitable business that can scale up and expand as much as possible.

But while there are many ways to achieve these goals, not all of them will work for every type of business.

In this blog post, we will discuss the top 30 digital marketing mistakes and avoid them having successful digital marketing!

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a method of marketing that uses digital channels to either drive people to a product or service or make it easier for potential customers to purchase the product.

Online retailers and marketers commonly use digital strategies to increase brand awareness and traffic and improve customer relationships.

It includes writing and placing ads on search engines, social media networks, email newsletters, blogs and more.

One type of digital marketing strategy is pay per click (PPC) advertising, where you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Digital marketer salaries vary widely depending on experience level and location.

Why digital marketing is Important?

Today, with the growing success of online marketing, it has become necessary for every individual or business to utilize digital marketing techniques and tools to continue staying ahead.

Suppose you do not use digital marketing in this internet era. In that case, your competitors are already using it as a valuable tool for brand awareness, lead generation, and sales conversion effectively, making it difficult for anyone who does not want to stand out in their market space.

What’s more?

Digital Marketing is a cost-effective way of promoting the company’s products or services online compared to traditional advertising, which requires a considerable budget.

The great thing about starting an effective digital marketing campaign is setting up goals and strategies according to its need and requirements.

Hence with careful planning, one can ensure that the campaign will yield effective results. The word digital is a combination of two words, “digital” and “marketing”.

So what does it mean?

Digital marketing refers to techniques used for marketing within the digital realm. It includes all channels available through the internet (websites, emails, mobile apps etc.) Digital marketing can also be termed as online or new media advertising.

The goal here is to create brand awareness in this highly competitive market where people look just at the product features.

Not much about who you are and what makes your company different from others. On the other hand, traditional marketing focuses on more conventional promotion methods such as television, radio spots, billboards etc.

Top 30 Digital Marketing Mistakes

We dicovered top 30 digital marketing mistake you should avoid in your digital marketing career.

1. Ignoring mobile devices

Mobile digital marketing is crucial because mobile search now
accounts for about 65% of all digital searches.

The remaining 35% is made by people using desktops.

It’s a big mistake not to take full advantage of this new medium!

Your website should be mobile responsive that your visitor feels a great experience. They can easily access your website.

2. Ignor discounts or promotions

One digital marketing mistake is not offering discounts or promotions.

You can do it in various ways, from adding coupons to your email and social media platforms.

You can run contests on Facebook that requires users to share photos for the chance of winning a prize or posting videos on YouTube with links back to your website.

Your viewers have the option of signing up for free content.”

3. Writing Insufficient content

In digital marketing, there are many mistakes you can make.

It’s essential to include all of them in your article so that readers will know what they’re getting into before reading on.

The first digital marketing mistake is not adding enough content.

Readers won’t want to continue if the information lacks substance, so be sure to add at least 600 words per article.

You might also consider using bulleted points within each section.

Since we’ve found these work best with our target audience across different platforms such as Facebook newsfeeds, “likes”, and shares under blog posts, comments, and tweets.

4. Not Testing Enough

The digital marketing mistake of not testing enough might seem odd at first. Still, it’s surprisingly an all too common problem.

This digital marketing mistake is easily avoided by using various tools. To test different digital advertising campaigns or landing pages with multiple audience segments and find the one that works best for you!

We’ve found this digital marketing strategy helps us avoid making mistakes such as spending money on ads without research.

We also use A/B testing to test more minor changes within each element to figure out which ones have the most significant impact on user behaviour before implementing anything across our entire system, so less work will be wasted if we make unnecessary tweaks.

5. Avoiding social media mistakes

To avoid digital marketing mistakes with social media, make sure you have a plan for what type of content to share and an understanding of when the best time is to post it.

We’ve found that posting at around 11 am on weekdays can help us reach our target audience while they’re still checking their phones and scrolling through newsfeeds.

6. Not to use videos

Using videos is essential to avoid digital marketing mistakes.

This type of content has improved user engagement while also improving organic search rankings in Google and YouTube.

7. Not tracking your return on investment

Tracking your return on investment (ROI) is necessary to avoid digital marketing mistakes.

It will help you determine the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign and how it’s impacting ROI. With this information, companies can better allocate their resources to achieve tremendous success.

8. Undefined Target Audience

Customers are digital. In other words, they’re everywhere on digital channels and blogs.

That means that digital marketing has to be a conversation between the company and customer instead of just an interruption of advertising messages from brands.

You are not able to target everyone.

You have to decide specific target audience that fits your niche.

9. Not commenting on blogs

It doesn’t mean simply sharing or liking a post.

It means being thoughtful about your response and adding value to the conversation.

10. Your website is unresponsive or has a low load time

This digital marketing mistake is more common than you may think.

When a customer visits your website, they should be able to check out the different ways to contact you or find what they’re looking for without any delays.

Remember that customers are busy and don’t have time to wait on an unresponsive site when all it takes is one second of loading time!

One technique I’ve seen work well as this digital marketing mistake is creating a custom 404 page with links back to your homepage. At least there’s something available even when the visitor can get no further.

The critical thing here is ensuring that visitors will never encounter an error message in such cases. These messages can make them feel like they took a step backwards instead of forwards.

11. Spamming their inbox

One digital marketing mistake that many people make is to spam a potential customer’s inbox.

This digital marketing mistake often comes from the desire for an easy sale. It can lead to you being blocked by their email service provider or blocklisted on various mailing lists.

That will hamper your ability to save future sales opportunities in the same way.

The key thing is providing valuable information, so they are happy when they hear back from you, not annoyed!

12. Not converting web traffic to customers

Another digital marketing mistake to avoid is not converting web traffic into customers.

This digital marketing mistake can be the result of a lack of sales experience. Still, it also happens for many other reasons as well including:

  • Focusing too much on digital media and neglecting face-to-face interactions.
  • Not asking potential customers what they want.
  • Using a ‘one size fits all’ approach instead of providing something that meets their needs.

It’s essential to understand this digital marketing mistake, so you know how to make sure your website turns visitors into buyers!

13. Disregarding abandoned shopping carts

Many people make the digital marketing mistake of not following up with customers who have failed to complete a purchase.

You might think that if someone has left their cart, they’re never going to buy anything from you again but the truth is, these shoppers are often just trying out your site or need some more time to decide what they want.

Therefore it’s essential for digital marketers and companies alike to help shoppers get back on track by email reminding them of items in their cart. So that potential buyers don’t lose interest!

14. Ignore Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is essential to do proper Seo, but many bloggers do not focus on search engine optimization (SEO) as much as they should.

One way to make sure that your blog posts are ranking higher in Google search results is by ensuring your content includes at least one of these three things: keywords, tags, and the right amount of words per post.

15. Not enough Keyword research

Many digital marketers fail to conduct the proper keyword research before their blog post is published.

But if you have an idea of your target audience and know which keywords work well with them, it should not be too challenging to develop some ideas yourself!

 Conducting keyword research can help put all this information together into something more manageable.

While also assisting digital marketers in determining how often each word needs to appear. It ranks higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

16. Focusing on Quantity instead of Quality

It is a most common mistake in digital marketing to focus on quantity instead of quality content.

It is essential to consider quality content to help digital marketers build a better reputation for themselves.

The results of one wrong article can cause potential customers to lose faith in your digital marketing services.

So while the temptation may be significant when publishing new content, try not to publish too much at once!

 The more time and care that goes into creating digital media assets. Whether they are articles or social posts- the higher chance you have of engaging with audiences on an emotional level helps boost brand awareness.

Keep this in mind: “Quantity does NOT always equal Quality”.

17. Turning down guest posts

Turning down guest posts is a typical digital marketing mistake, one that can ruin your reputation all across the Internet.

This digital marketing mistake is all about the importance of guest posts. Guest posts are necessary for digital media, and they’re also crucial to your brand as a whole.

This content should be high quality with valuable insights, original ideas that readers won’t find anywhere else on the Internet.

A typical digital marketing mistake when it comes to digital media is turning down guest posts because they take the time or require you to spend money.

Still, if what we want is just clicks or shares, then our blog post will lose credibility in no time at all. Your audience isn’t stupid, so don’t try this tactic!

They’ll know what you’re trying to do even before reading the first sentence of your blog post, and their trustworthiness towards us will be gone for good.

18. Not using lead validation

One digital marketing mistake is neglecting lead validation, resulting in spamming prospects with messages and calls they never wanted or asked for to begin!

Your audience isn’t stupid, so don’t try this tactic! They’ll know what you’re trying to do even before reading the first sentence of your blog post, and their trustworthiness towards us will be gone for good.

Lead validation is the process of checking if a company has confirmed a lead’s information.

19. Poor personalization techniques

Poor personalization techniques are often overlooked and lead to a bevvy of consequences for the business.

For example, suppose digital marketers are not using a customer’s name in the subject line of an email. In that case, it will be challenging to track who opened and clicked on specific emails.

One consequence of this digital marketing mistake is when customers get annoyed with seeing multiple messages about discounts they’re never going to want or need, as opposed to just one message tailored specifically for them.

Personalizing your digital marketing efforts helps you maximize responses because it targets individuals by speaking directly to them.

20.Overlooking email marketing

Another digital marketing mistake is overlooking email. It’s become increasingly important for digital marketers to have an effective strategy to build a solid subscriber base with high conversion rates.

One digital marketing mistake many people make when sending out their first campaign is not including any links or calls to action at all.

That makes subscribers think they’re getting SPAM! Make sure your campaigns contain one link, so recipients know where to click if they want more information about your business and offers.

It also helps to include two or three bullet points explaining what you would like them to do after clicking on the link:

  • Learn more about your company.
  • Sign up for a newsletter/insider list.
  • Share content with friends.

21. Not using a call-to-action

Many digital marketers make the mistake of not including a call-to-action in their digital marketing campaign.

It means that there is no link or buttons for people to click on.

Make sure your campaigns include one link, so your customer know where to click if they want more information about your business and offers.

22. Focusing on the acquisition and not retention

Focusing on acquiring new customers rather than maintaining the ones they already have is a digital marketing mistake many marketers make.

The most profitable digital campaigns are long-term customer retention programs.

23. Poor Content Distribution Strategy

Poor content distribution strategy is a digital marketing mistake that many marketers make.

The most successful digital campaigns are those with well-planned and executed strategies for distributing high-quality content to targeted audiences at appropriate moments in time.

24. Doing Everything Yourself

Doing everything yourself is a mistake if you want to market your business. You need to find people who know how to do it better.

Then you and then outsource it to them. If you want to grow fast on digital marketing, you need people who expert about digital marketing.

25. Poor budgeting

I believe that one of the most common digital marketing mistakes is poor budgeting. It would help if you were clear on what digital marketing tactics you want to focus on.

For example, do you want to create content and blog posts or email campaigns?

What are your goals for digital marketing?

Do you have a specific strategy in mind that will work for your business at this point?

You have to set a digital marketing budget that you can avoid digital marketing mistakes.

26. Not setting goals

Setting goals can help you be successful with digital marketing.

Goals help you set what digital marketing tactics need to be used and how long and any specific goals are required for the digital campaign to succeed.

Without these objectives, it is hard to know if you are on track or not, which often leads people to make another digital marketing mistake – not setting goals.

Setting digital marketing goals is essential because it can help you evaluate your digital campaign’s success.

Goals also give digital marketers a clear direction on what needs to be done next.

They provide some structure for the campaign at large, which often leads to less digital marketing mistakes.

27. Providing subpar customer service

Providing lousy customer service is another digital marketing mistake that can lead to bad reviews and decreased customer loyalty.

Suppose people are unhappy with their digital experience. In that case, they will usually post about it on social media or review sites which can destroy its reputation.

28. Not promoting your website

You need to promote your website. If you don’t, people will not know it is there, and they will not find it.

There is always something that you can do better to improve your campaigns.

The movement becomes less effective and leaves more room for improvement.

Many digital marketing mistakes could lead to lost customers or decreased profits.

29. Not using marketing automation

Not using marketing automation is also a digital marketing mistake.

The company will not track visitors correctly to know what media they respond to best.

  • Don’t provide lousy customer service
  • Not using marketing automation
  • Not researching digital channels before investing in them.
  • Choosing an ineffective digital channel for your business model

To avoid all of these mistakes, make sure that you do enough research into each one and have a plan set out from the beginning, so it’s easier to execute!

30. Ignoring Collaboration

Ignoring collaboration is a mistake. Collaboration can help you learn new things and make friends. Collaboration can also help you grow your digital marketing skills.

Collaborating with someone else on a project will likely make the work more accessible and more fun to do.

You’ll be able to turn the task of writing an article, for example, into something enjoyable but still challenging by collaborating with another writer.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools

As we enter a digital age, marketers have to learn how to navigate the new landscape.
Digital marketing has become more complex and challenging than ever before.

To stay ahead of the game, you need the best tools for your trade.

The following are 10 Digital Marketing Tools that can help take your business from an amateur hour into a full-blown marketing success!

1. GetResponse

GetResponse is perfect for those who want to offer email marketing services.

The platform includes analytics and automation features that make sending emails a breeze.

2. Unbounce

Unbounce tool will let you build high-converting landing pages without any technical skills.

It’s a great tool to use when launching a new product or service, and it includes several templates ready for customization!

3. Leadpage

Leadpage lets you design and creates high-converting landing pages in minutes. With Leadpages, there are no coding skills required!

They offer A/B testing and a wide variety of templates.

4. SEMrush

Semrush offers competitive intelligence and in-depth keyword research for any website or domain.

It’s a great way to get started with SEO, monitoring your competition, and even finding new opportunities!

5. Hootsuite

You can use Hootsuite to monitor and respond to all of your messages, mentions, and social media in one place.

It’s also a Digital Marketing Tool that allows you to schedule posts across multiple profiles for the best results!


Buzzsumo is a Digital Marketing Tool that lets you know what topics are resonating with your followers.

You can use Buzzsumo to find the most famous content or narrow it down by type of content.

7. Buffer

Buffer is a Digital Marketing Tool that allows you to schedule posts and queue up content.

It’s an excellent tool for those who are looking to save time on social media management!

Buffer also features analytics so you can see how your followers interact with the content that you share.

8. Audiense

Audiense is a social media monitoring tool that enables you to analyze your brand’s performance on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks.

It has super-advanced analytical tools that help you understand what type of content works best for each network

9. Canva

Canva is a Digital Marketing Tool that allows you to create graphics and images for your social media posts.

Create eye-catching content with just the click of a button!

It’s also easy enough where anyone can use it, even those who are not very tech-savvy.

10. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a Digital Marketing Tool that helps you optimize your content for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

It’s also integrated with WordPress, so if you’re using WordPress, this tool will make life much easier.

Yoast SEO can be used by those looking to create in-depth articles while still keeping it reader-friendly.

11. Grammarly

Grammarly is a Digital Marketing Tool that helps make your content more readable by making sure you’re using the correct grammar and spelling.

It can also help with formatting to ensure that it’s easy for the eyes of readers.

Grammarly is a suitable Digital Marketing Tool for basic grammar errors and spelling mistakes.

Still, if you’re looking for more advanced features, then there are other Digital Marketing Tools that may suit your needs better.


The digital marketing world is constantly changing.

To keep up, you need to be aware of new trends and changes in technology.

You also need to know the most common mistakes people make regarding social media or email campaigns.

If you want help staying ahead of your competition, working with a digital marketing company might be a great idea for 2021.

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