GetResponse Vs ActiveCampaign: Which Is Better?

Today we’re going to cover GetResponse vs. Activecampaign Because many people are searching on the internet about the best email marketing tool.

One of the best cost-to-benefit ratios for a business comes from email marketing. 

For the comparatively low price and energy, you’ll be able to get your business right ahead of interested customers.

Email marketing is also an excellent tool to develop and maintain customer relations. 

However, to attain that, you will need support to reach that. Automated services take the time and hassle off your hands.

A trustworthy program will assist you craft emails, produce conditions for them to be sent, manage your contact list, and assist you with all aspects of your email create campaigns.

There are such a significant amount of trendy choices for email marketing companies that it may be tough to decide on.

Such a crucial part of your business’ marketing strategy must be rigorously thought of, looking at the result you’d wish to win and what kind of business you are promoting.

Comparing Heavyweights

Looking at a number of the most effective within the business, let’s begin with a comparison GetResponse vs. ActiveCampaign. 

They’re 2 of the most effective best-known, and most generally used choices for little to medium-sized companies to manage their email marketing campaigns.

Both trendy choices include various tools and functionalities to support businesses, from automation systems and broadcasts to email templates.

However, they are doing have completely different emphases that build their attractiveness to slightly different audiences.

GetResponse could be a broader tool that almost all people realize slightly easier to use. 

Created to perform as an all-in-one platform, it supplements its email options with webinars, landing pages, email templates, different alternative tools.

ActiveCampaign may be thought of as an additional targeted and targeted tool, with the subsequent stress on automation. 

It’s less appropriate for beginners; however, it offers enhanced choices for people trying to find a better level of customization.

It features a CRM tool to assist with collaboration and follow-up on prospects and includes options like SMS marketing that GetResponse only includes by integrating different tools.

Let’s take a quick check out these two choices.

What Is GetResponse?

GetResponse Vs ActiveCampaign

The landing page creator and variety of unique alternative features build it the primary selection for thousands of businesses across the planet and over a billion monthly subscribers.

They use a simple “drag and drop” email editor, extensive templates, and many alternative options to support various email campaigns.

They offer a spread of plans known as Email, Pro, Max, and Enterprise. Costs increase with the number of subscribers that you have on your contact list.

Businesses will prefer to pay ahead for a year or two years or access the service on a monthly subscription.

What Is ActiveCampaign?

GetResponse Vs ActiveCampaign

With tens of thousands of happy customers, ActiveCampaign is another massive player in email marketing solutions.

However, their goal is to induce businesses to send fewer emails to get better results. one of the essential drawcards for ActiveCampaign is the high level of automation services.

They mix promoting automation, email promoting tools, and sales CRM during a single platform.

The tools assist businesses to form emails, target customers to support their behavior with the company, so the CRM keeps track of leads and alternative details to collect and interpret the information.

ActiveCampaign integrates with around 700 different apps and services, expanding its practicality and creating an all-in-one system designed to assist businesses in growing.

GetResponse Vs ActiveCampaign: Comparison

Number Of Contacts

ActiveCampaign offers plans that begin with five hundred contacts. However, choices are out there which will accommodate lists of over 100,000 references.

The number of contacts allowed will increase looking at the plan’s level, and prices additional because the allowance goes up.

GetResponse offer to 1,000 contacts on their lowest arranges, which starts from $15 a month. 

They then provide plans for various tiers, as well as up to 5,000, 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, or 100,000+ subscribed contacts.


Email volume is not a deciding issue between GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign, as each provides unlimited emails on all their offered plans.

Each additionally offers unlimited autoresponder series for all their arrange choices and build A/B email split testing out there.

Their email course builders differ, however.

ActiveCampaign offers a drag-and-drop style email builder with data-driven segmentation and valuable insights into the user’s email campaign.

GetResponse specializes in providing an easy-to-use Email Creator that gives each time- and action-based autoresponders.

GetResponse has Associate in Nursing advertised deliverability of over ninety-nine, which means that your emails are extraordinarily unlikely to be marked as spam, thus have a far higher probability of reaching your customer.

Both provide a good vary of responsive email templates. 

ActiveCampaign has style customization that’s out there free of charge for plus and Enterprise level users, whereas GetResponse has over five hundred templates.

Design And Customization

GetResponse offers 500+ email templates, 1,000 stock photos, and the ability to style and customize several alternative kinds of email marketing-related products.

Their landing page templates are a massive drawcard for users, are unique editor will generate a lot of leads.

Messages may be custom-made with a “perfect timing” tool that helps users manage after they are sent out to get received at the optimum time.

Emails are automatically scaled to suit all devices, with an extra mobile editor to permit users to customize it to their desires.

ActiveCampaign options an easy-to-use email designer that permits users to design and customize emails to suit their needs.

They permit excellent automation, with features out there for customization like abandoned cart reminders.

Targeting Customers

ActiveCampaign supports granular audience segmentation, which provides an easy-to-use system ready to send a separate email to a targeted audience.

Alternative marketing platforms also are supported, as well as tools for SMS and Facebook marketing.

GetResponse features a range of reports and analyses, like open rate, engagement, segmentation reports, and ROI. 

That might help businesses know how their service is being received and customize it to fulfill the requirements of their customer base.


ActiveCampaign specializes in automation and offers unlimited choices on all plans. They need automatic SMS and support SMS subscriptions in addition.

The automation workflow builder is comparatively easy to use, though absolute beginner users may struggle with some features.

GetResponse adds basic automation to their lowest layer Email plan, with much-complicated marketing automation for the higher tiers.

They do not offer SMS marketing choices. However, integrations are provided to feature those options if necessary they provide an automation workflow builder who has visited URLs and tracking of purchases.

Both choices provide a lead rating that tracks user behavior to assist businesses in customizing their approach.


Some absolute beginners will realize the ActiveCampaign system is a bit overwhelming, though they offer step-by-step directions.

The GetResponse system is easy to use at any respectability level, making it an appealing choice for those simply starting.

ActiveCampaign permits up to three users on their smallest setup, all the high to unlimited users for their Enterprise plan.

GetResponse only provides support for from one to 10 users looking at the plan.

Landing Page And Forms

ActiveCampaign features a form builder; however, no landing page builder. The form builder has an inline, floating box, and bar show.

Their software package allows integrations to produce a landing page builder if needed.

GetResponse landing page and net form builder is one in all the company’s massive drawcards. They offer an online form builder that’s an entire package in one, creating many various types of forms.

The landing page editor provides drag-and-drop creation alongside over a hundred completely different templates.

Outside Extras

WordPress Plugin is supported by each company, which allows you to feature forms to pages. ActiveCampaign additionally offers to track for your WordPress website. Each additionally supports Zapier integration.

ActiveCampaign features a slightly higher range of apps and integrations, which will work with the packages, with quite one hundred fifty available.

GetResponse offers over 133 completely different choices. The tools include landing page software package, CMSs, scheduling tools, CRM tools, and many.

Pricing Of GetResponse and ActiveCampaign

It’s slightly cheaper to start with ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse because the former starts at $9 per month and the latter at $15 per month. However, the affordability varies depending on the subscription level.

There are lots of choices, as well as monthly subscriptions and annual subscriptions at entirely different levels. ActiveCampaign features a free fourteen-day trial. 

ActiveCampaign Price

GetResponse Vs ActiveCampaign

Four plan available on ActiveCampaign:

  • $9/month for Lite Plan
  • $49/month for Plus Plan
  • $129/month for Professional Plan
  • $229/month for Enterprise Plan

GetResponse Price

GetResponse Vs ActiveCampaign

Four plan available on GetResponse:

  • $15/month for Basic Plan
  • $49/month for Plus Plan
  • $99/month for Professional Plan
  • Custom pricing available for Max Plan

Pros And Cons GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign Pros

  • Automated workflows are simple to make
  • Affordable and sensible price for money
  • Flexible price points
  • Able to give A/B testing
  • CRM options, as well as the flexibility to expand to complete CRM

ActiveCampaign Cons

  • Limited ability to customize the dashboard
  • No inbuilt landing page builder
  • It can be at the start overwhelming for beginners.

GetResponse Pros

  • High-quality landing pages
  • 500+ professionally designed email templates
  • Webinar marketing
  • Deliverability of 99

GetResponse Cons

  • Any duplicate contacts can count towards the monthly limit.
  • Limited CRM tools
  • ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse – that must you choose?
  • Both devices are very highly rated email marketing options. They’re usually simple to use, though ActiveCampaign will take a bit additional getting won’t to, and GetResponse tends to be a lot of user friendly.
  • Both offer email automation, though ActiveCampaign has the slight approach that department. They’re additionally higher able to support CRM functions.

GetResponse is the most compelling option for businesses who use a landing page and would like to host webinars, with creative templates and help offered for each.

With over 500 templates and 1,000 stock pictures, they are an all-in-one solution for businesses who wish to make compelling content and ensure it’s sent to the proper people at the appropriate time.

For a business that focuses additional on B2B sales, the CRM focus from ActiveCampaign may create their choice extra appealing. Their targeted concentrate is on distinctive and keeping higher price shoppers.

GetResponse has slightly higher functions for making and managing campaigns for businesses that favor dealing directly with their customers.

You are choosing for your business.


The choice between ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse is very dependent on your business’s priorities.

Suppose you’d like an all-in-one solution with a straightforward design, a significant kind of templates, and the option to style and apply landing pages and webinars. In that case, Getresponse will probably be the most effective option.

If you’d like a lot of focused tools with granular practicality that enables you to make from scratch further as integrated CRM functions, ActiveCampaign can meet your needs.

Each gives similar price points and the ability to integrate different tools to use with these platforms just in case you would like a functionality not native to them. 

The most effective choice is probably to utilize their free trial periods and see for yourself.

Either could be an excellent selection if you’d like a reasonable, comprehensive email marketing solution that’s customized and provides accurate results.

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