How To Change Text Message Colour On Android?

How To Change Text Message Colour On Android?

Text message colour changing on Android gives a new look to the conversation tab and many people love it. However, the maximum number of people find it difficult on Android, but it is actually simple. You just need to know the right way.

A few days back, I searched on the Internet to get the way of changing text message colour, but believe me I couldn’t find a single article where the entire thing has been described properly. After that, I decided to write an article on it with the right information and I am here now.

In this article, It has been illustrated how you can change text message colour on Android, why you need to change it. Besides, I have given a list of messaging apps that will let you customize as much as possible.

How To Change Text Message Color On Android?

Why are my texts different colours on android? This is one of the common questions that I usually receive from many Android users. Don’t get frustrated if you see your text colours are different on your device as it is changeable. Anyway, in this segment, I have shown how to change text colour on Android by applying 3 different ways.

Method No-1: From the Default Messaging App

This method is applicable to the maximum Samsung devices. If you are one of the Samsung users, this method is for you.

Step-1: Go to your default “Messaging” app.

Step-2:  Choose a conversation to change the text colour

Step-3: Press on the “Three Dot” option from the above right corner

Step-5: Now, click on the “Customize Chat Room

Step-6: Select a colour from the list below

Step-7: Set “Bubble Capacity

Step-8: Change “Text Contrast

Step-9: Once all the steps are done, press the “Reset” option

Text message colour and background will be changed instantly which will give an amazing look to your chat room.

Method No-2: Change Text Message Color From Settings

This method is effective & applicable for the maximum number of Android users. Here is the complete step-by-step guideline.

Step-1: Open “Settings

Step-2: Choose “Advanced” below

Step-3: Tap the “Appearance Settings

Step-4: Select “Conversation Customization

Step-5: Click on either “Incoming Background Color” or “Outgoing Background Color” to change bubble colours.

Method No-3: Change Text Message Color on the Android “Messages” App Powered By Google LLC.

This is the solution that you can apply if you have the “Messages” app powered by Google on your Android.

Step-1: Open the “Messages” app

Step-2: select a conversation that you would like to change the colour of.

Change Text Message Colour On Android

Step-3: Click on the “Three Dot” option from the above right corner

Change Text Message Colour On Android

Step-4: Select “People & Options” from the list

Change Text Message Colour On Android

Step-5: Now you’ll see the person that you choose under the “People In The Conversation.”  There is a “Small Palate” beside the name. Click on it.

Change Text Message Colour On Android

Step-6: You will see a list of different colours. From there choose one that you want to set.

Change Text Message Colour On Android

Step-7: Once You have selected a colour, you can see the change to the conversation tap of the person.

Change Text Message Colour On Android

What To Do If My Device Doesn’t Allow Customization?

There are some Android devices that don’t allow customization on default messaging apps.  In that case, you can download messaging apps from the Google Play Store that will enable you to customize depending on your choice. Here is the list of the apps.

1.  Hendchent Next

It is one of the most popular messaging apps on the Google Play Store that comes with several features and Messenger Customization is one of them. Handchent next holds the best message customizer with which you’ll be able to personalize text messages, free MMS, stickers, message fonts, colours, vibration patterns, LED colours, and many more.

2.  Go SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro is indeed the most popular messaging app that has more than 100 million users. It is simple, easy to use, and holds lots of features.

This app is designed with a collection of personalized themes and amazing stickers. The best part of the app is it will enable you to correct the wrong messages as it has the “Delay to Send” option.

Now come to its fonts and colours. You can change its fonts anytime and also the font colour is changeable. It is possible to alter the background colour as well.

3.  Go Keyboard

It is another application that has thousands of themes and when you change the theme of the app, the text colour of the message on your device will automatically be changed.

You can even change the background of the conversation during the chat with an individual person. It has gesture typing and voice input options as well.

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So this was all about how to change text message colour on android. I have shown 3 different methods that you can apply depending on your device and the messaging app that you use.

In the end, keep in mind that the way of colour-changing may vary from device to device, brand to brand. There are plenty of Android mobile phone brands and each of the brands has different functions.

Even then I have given my best to give effective solutions that will work on maximum Android devices. Hopefully, by applying any of the methods, you can change the text message colour on your Android device.

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