How To Make A Monday Happy | An Employee’s Guide

How To Make A Monday Happy

How to make Monday happy? If you are a working person, how many times have you heard that a ‘Monday interrupts happiness?’ Too many times, right? I have always wondered why the beginning of a fresh new week, leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. Mostly by observing people, I have figured out the reason behind this constant blame on Mondays- YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO MAKE USE OF IT!

Yes, read that again! Your constant dissatisfaction with the start of a new week, something that should be bringing you more perspective, results from the unproductive ways and ideas you have associated with a Monday.

Through Account empts Survey, it has been found that 30% of the working class feels upset on a Monday than the rest of the week. Alex Turner, an accountant of Account empts has said, “Monday is not for me… I wait for the weekend to come..”

Have you heard of Mondays being ‘moan days’? I have too. The idea that employees do not feel a rush of energy until their second cup of coffee is troubling. Many CEOs have observed their employees slouching, taking frequent bathroom breaks, completing their projects at a slow rate, etc.

As an employee, you might have shown the Monday symptom more often than not. The traffic seems longer, outside noises irritate you, co-workers annoy you, familiar symptoms, aren’t they? Some of you have noticed scorn on your face even when the alarm rings!

How does the name of the day put you through so much trouble before even starting the day? It is because you have associated the day negatively which you do not do with a Friday. A Friday does bring you the start of weekend fun, but as a working person isn’t a Monday supposed to be a fresh start for you too?

Mental Tips That Will Make Monday Happy

Other than physical preparations, there are some quick mental tips for you-

  • Roll out of bed early and get a cup of your favourite drink. Experts have suggested that an early morning soothing drink can work wonders for the rest of the day. If it is winter, do not think twice and enjoy hot chocolate. When a giddy smile sticks on your face throughout the day, the sugar will be worth it!
  • Breakfast is your best friend. Oftentimes experts have noted that working people go to work in a hurry, skipping their breakfast. It does a lot more harm than it seems. Indulge in a healthy breakfast on a Monday and become the favourite employee of your boss!
  • Listen to your favourite songs. Yes, Mondays are taxing but you can have a bit of fun before you reach the office right? Drive through the traffic focusing on the song rather than the traffic noises. It will create positive development in your day.

However, many employers and employees have started to look forward to a Monday? How did this change come about? There are new innovative ways that can be incorporated into your work life, which will not make you think of a Monday alternative. Chances are Monday will become your favourite day of the week.

What are the tricks to make a Happy Monday?

1. Do not think of Sunday as Funday

Yes, I know it is an off day but won’t it be great will you start preparing yourself mentally for tomorrow? You are much more likely to get things done on time when mental preparation is 100% instead of having mental pressure at 100%. Coach yourself for the upcoming week, and you will see the changes yourself.

2. Treat every first day of the week as January 1st

Who doesn’t like new beginnings? The most popular holiday season across the world is Christmas and New Year and there is a simple reason why. Most people consider January 1st as the day of action, resolution and intention.

Apply this method to your Monday. Start talking about work, thinking about work and preparing for work on the weekends. If you view Monday with the same degree of excitement as a new year, your job is done!

3. Mind your time with Monday Alternative time trackers

There is a reason why these kinds of project management software have seen a rise. Many employers have started using this for their small and big scale companies and No, they do not abuse your privacy.

When you start working on a Monday, make sure that you use these apps to track your schedules and deadlines. Overworking will not result in quality work, so you need to focus on what you need to do within a certain time and a time tracking app will aid the process.

There are many such Monday com alternative apps available in the market but Know Your Day has seen a steady rise; they have a lot of employers asking for their services. If you are an employee, this app will have all the necessary information required to have a fabulous Monday without overworking and tiring yourself.

4. Keep track of the success rate of the previous projects

When you start a new week, do not forget about the previous week. When you keep in mind the projects you handle and the performance you showed, it gives you a clearer idea of how to do things the next week on. Do not be confused about the work and time that you need to dedicate to a certain project.

Simply use KnowYourDay and keep yourself updated on all previous tasks. It has been receiving great reviews from employers and employees alike and is the perfect Monday com alternative. Sometimes reporting and affordability issues arise on Monday software where KnowYourDay can work the best.

You do not have to look for a Monday alternative when a new week arises. Employ all the tricks and trackers mentioned and watch how the new Monday becomes bright and sunny for you. You mustn’t see this day as your enemy. Embrace it, and you will be good to go.

Are you feeling ready for your Monday happy, cause I am!

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