How unique content can boost your digital marketing campaign? 3 tools recommended

unique content digital marketing

The current boom of digital marketing lures us to upgrade our business strategies with unique content. Do you know 7 out of 10 marketers are using content for marketing their products?

It has swamped into an industry catering to millions of people around the globe. But still, lots of marketers are unable to accrue its benefits. Do you want to be a successful digital marketer and earn tons of money?

If yes, then I will recommend you five techniques along with their tools to enhance your online marketing career. Follow the article to get amazing ideas.

Why do you need to write unique content for digital marketing?

Before plunging into the deep sea of online marketing, you should know what takes to sail your boat along your voyage.

The first or maybe the sole thing that you should have in your arsenal is unique content. In digital marketing, you promote your business through your content. Now, content can be of many forms. It can be written text, infographics, or videos.

This content must be original so that it appeals to the audience’s mind. To make it so, you have to write it by yourself.

There are two benefits of writing original content. First, Google will promote your content to the top pages if it is unique. Such content is good for your website’s SEO provided it contains proper keywords.

Plagiarized content is copied from various sources and at times you can’t even tell the original source. Such content is good for nothing. Because Google has indexed it before.

Therefore, Google easily identifies such content and ignores it, no matter how much research it contains. Google wants to maintain its search quality, so it does not prefer bad quality content.

To your dismay, Google may even penalize your content through its penguin and rank brain algorithms. Both algorithms promote quality content that is fresh and isn’t copied either.

So, there is no royal road to increase ranking except through quality content. And low ranking means fewer people are visiting your website and ultimately less business.

Likewise, you make even lose the low traffic volume coming to your website due to plagiarized content. Ultimately, people will not read your text for a long time even if they land on your website.

This would destroy your digital marketing and hampers your business growth as you won’t be able to expedite your marketing through unique content creation.

Three recommended tools to write unique content:


unique content digital marketing


Prepostseo plagiarism checker analyses your text and searches from billions of web pages across the web, containing research publications, journals, blog posts, etc. to find any similar content. It marks copied content and thus separates copied content from the unique one.

Thus, this tool is remarked as one of the best in its league and bloggers often recommend it for forceful and effective digital marketing.

It is free of cost for those who want to check almost 1000 words of text and if you want to check more than 1000 words you have to subscribe to different packages of this tool.

You can upload any written text file into the tool no matter what kind of text format it contains. Moreover, you can get a detailed report of your text in pdf form through the downloads option.

You can get a complete analysis of your text with exactly matched content as red lines, paraphrased content underlined with yellow.

You can also check out the matched or paraphrased sources and kind out the original text. This helps you to quote your plagiarized text to add credibility to it.

It is a multilingual tool so you can use your conventional language written text and get a plagiarism report of it.

2. Paraphrasing tool

unique content digital marketing

This tool is one of the best for content paraphrasing so that it becomes unique. You can use this matchless content for digital marketing and win awesome business.

This tool changes the sentence structure of your text. Changing sentence structure means rephrasing sentences by adding new writing techniques.

You can also add new synonyms instead of old ones and change active/passive voices. Moreover, this tool works so deep to even add new adjectives and adverbs so that the content does not resemble the original one.

Get the desired content by adding your old text inside the inbox and clicking on the paraphrase button, you will get a new text in a second.

This tool is free of cost but has a small word limit. To create ling unique passages, you have to get yourself registered onto the platform to avail of these services.

Its excessive vocabulary and natural flow set its place above any other tool of its species and that is the reason most bloggers recommend this tool to paraphrase their text to remove plagiarism.

3. Article rewriter

unique content digital marketing

Amazingly, this article rewriter is a wonderful tool in your recommended tools addition. It takes up your content and spins it to produce totally different text.

It removes old words and adds new synonyms instead of making the whole content look different. But if you carefully see the content’s meaning you will come to know that the meanings remained the same.

It, however, enhances your content’s quality so that the meanings become more explicit for the readers to understand.

While spinning it excludes main keywords from rewriting and hence it is good for your content’s SEO. Being 100% free, this tool is also fast and efficient.


Those who succeed in digital marketing are the ones who take care of its protocols. Indeed, this type of marketing has changed the business environment.

On one side, it has improved the audience breadth but also caused many marketers to fail. The pre-requisite of digital as well as content marketing is the creation of unique content.

For this purpose, we have mentioned three majestic tools that help you write unique content for your online marketing. This improves your business and ranks you better on Google.

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