How to Start Micro Niche Blog and 50+ micro niche Blog ideas

Micro Niche Blog

A micro-niche blog is a blog all about a minor subject. In many cases, it’s a blog about a particular product or service that offers information to people interested in just that one thing. 

Micro niche blogs have been popping up over the past few years and can be a great way to grow your business. 

What is a micro niche blog?

An ideal micro niche blog is a website where all content is focused on a single subject. 

It doesn’t mean that every blog post has to be about the same thing, but everyone should be about a small topic. 

It’s unlikely that every post on a micro-niche site will be about that particular topic. 

Why do we need micro-niche blogs? 

There are several reasons why you should consider creating a micro-niche blog. 

First of all, this type of blog allows your audience to get to know your company or products in a personal way. 

By introducing your readers to your business in an honest, engaging way, you will be able to establish a great relationship with them. 

In addition, you’ll gain valuable feedback from the people who have already invested their time in learning about your company.

For example, a micro-niche blog might be all about baby food, but it doesn’t have to be. 

A lot of micro niche blogs are great for professionals. Businesses can market their services, products, and education using blogs. They can also advertise their products and generate additional traffic. 

The advantage of micro-niche blogs is that they are very low cost, but they are not cheap. 

They offer unique information to the masses, which can attract more people to your blog.

Pros and Cons of a Micro Niche Blog


As noted in the pros, you can focus on a single niche and gain a lot of revenue in the process. 

A micro-niche blog provides a steady stream of income and can also be a great way to keep people coming back and coming back for more.

There’s also a bit of satisfaction in providing a small amount of content to your target audience. 

It can also be a great way to let people know what you have to offer and increase brand awareness.


Although a micro-niche blog may help you earn a steady stream of income, it doesn’t offer any compensation for what you’re creating. 

On top of that, you also need to write a lot of content for it. As we discussed earlier, that can be a lot of work. 

How to start a micro niche blog?

A micro-niche blog is a blog all about a minor subject. 

In many cases, it’s a blog about a particular product or service that offers information to people interested in just that one thing. 

Micro niche blogs have been popping up over the past few years and can be a great way to grow your business.

Choose a Niche

You’ll want to specialize in a topic that interests you a great deal. Luckily, this is quickly done by finding the perfect niche to write about. 

Create a Blog You’ll want to create a blog and stick to a specific schedule. 

Be sure to have a wide range of subjects and keep a consistent publishing schedule. 

Buy Domain and Hosting

If you are trying to establish a micro-niche blog, then you will need a domain. It can be a real issue if you are not sure which niche is right for you. 

Look through your domain name, and see if it fits with the niche you have chosen. 

You might also consider a TLD for your blog name, such as your name if you decide to go down the copyright route. 

Other than that, you will need to pay for a hosting package for your blog. 

Look around, and pick out a host that is cheap and reliable, Bluehost

Select theme

Can design micro niche blogs to suit almost any theme that you like. It makes them perfect if you’re looking for a blog that is unique to your business. 

All you need is to find a theme that suits your niche. However, you will need to ensure that the theme is available for at least a year so that your blog has enough time to gain traffic. 

My recommendation is the GeneratePress theme. It is a lightweight and very fast theme in the market.

Setup your blog

Once you’ve come up with a small topic that you know you’ll be able to write about interestingly, you’ll need to get set up to create your micro-niche blog. 

Write engaging post

That’s the name of the game with micro niche blogs. The content that you post must be interesting enough to keep your readers coming back for more. 

Suppose you post about micro niche things like a new laptop or electronics. In that case, you must bring some real value to readers by providing some solid tips or some fascinating information about the topic. 

The post can be short, but it must be a good read. 

Create a blog profile

You must create a profile on your niche website. This page can act as a blog so that you can post blog posts here. 

All your writing on your profile page must be related to the niche of your micro-niche blog. 

However, you should make sure to stay as clean and relevant as possible.

Build Links for Your Blog

Backlinks are vital for your blog. You want to make links for your blog in some way, shape or form, every day, right? ‘

Good, you’re on the right track. Building links is vital for SEO. But building links for your micro-niche blog could be a little more challenging than it is for most other blogs. 

The backlinks ratio for your blog is 75:25. It means to create a do-follow link 75%, and no-follow links 25%.

Monetize Your Blog

There are several monetization options available for blogs.

  • Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored post
  • Selling related products

50+ Micro niche Blog ideas

If you’re looking for a micro niche blog topic, this list might help. 

We’ve included our best ideas based on what we know about your audience and what we know about the market. 

Use these as a starting point for brainstorming or to get some inspiration.

1. Smart tech gadgets

Everyone wants a smart home, so there will be a lot of focus on your micro-niche blog posts.

Smart home technology is at its absolute peak right now, with smart TVs, computers, phones and more. 

So you’ll want to include smart gadgets in your posts. For example, your readers will want to know how much they will cost and how they work.

2. Real-life stories

If you can find a great niche but you’re unsure how to approach it, try looking at real-life stories. 

A great way to achieve this is to write a tale from a perspective other than your own.

3. Phone covers

Some people don’t want to invest in a new phone to have the phone case collect dust on their desk. 

Phone covers are great for those people because you can keep the phone looking and feel new without buying a whole new phone.

You can start a blog on this topic.

4. Books

It is a classic micro-niche, with people selling just about any book, from spiritual to brainy. 

You can sell books to anyone, but you should target book lovers if you want to expand your customer base.

5. Apps

An app for an existing product is a great way to turn a product into a market. 

It can also be a great way to quickly grow an audience if your app is one that people already use.

6. Image & Video Editing Software

It isn’t exactly the type of topic we’d typically consider a micro-niche, but it is one that you can sell as a service.

7. Healthy travel

Is there a healthy travel niche out there for you to try and take advantage of? 

This topic discusses how to plan healthy vacation getaways, how to avoid the biggest travel problems and some ideas on what to pack when you’re on the move.

8. Midwestern fashion

Suppose your readers are from the Midwest, where the world’s most extensive collection of farms, mines, refineries, livestock, and machinery are located. 

In that case, there is an opportunity to write a blog that uniquely chronicles your adventures.

9. Underground lifestyle

While many of us are not part of the underground lifestyle, it can be fun to peek behind the curtain. 

This list of underground lifestyle blogs discusses just how it’s done.

10. City Guides

Every city has a tourism board that is responsible for promoting that city. 

These blog posts showcase the best things to see and do in a particular city, often backed up by facts and photos.

11. Food Blogs

Food blogs are the most popular on our list, but any topics around cooking, food, eating, or healthy living are outstanding. 

If you’re looking for a new recipe, a natural way to deal with sleep, or a healthy way to raise your kids, then these are the blogs for you.

12. Health Blogs

For anyone interested in health, the health blog has become one of the most popular categories on our list. 

Health blogs about how to live a healthy lifestyle or eat healthily have a considerable following. 

You can make a significant impact on your readers’ lives by offering them advise and lifestyle tips.

14. Time management

To top it off, you can guide people about managing time day to day life through your blog. It can be a good micro-niche for you.

15. Budget travelling

Budget travelling is a popular blog topic, as there are so many tips and tricks on saving money in your travels. 

You’ll need to be precise in your explanation to attract visitors, but if you explain a bit of the process, your audience will be engaged and interested.

16. Cafe travel

If you’re passionate about travelling and want to have your blog grow your audience, you should consider starting a travel blog. 

Cafe travel is one of the most popular travel blogs on the Internet, and it’s still growing. 

You might also want to start a travel blog dedicated to food (cafe reviews, restaurants, and menus).

17. Treasure hunting

If you have a hobby or an interest, a blog on that topic might be an excellent idea for your audience.

18. Travel Gadgets

Exploring the newest gadgets in travel can be a ton of fun and informative for microblogs. 

Guides, reviews, product reviews, and other recommendations can be a great place to start.

19. Military

Military blogs are an excellent place to find topics for microblogs. It’s a space where many people are active and engaged and usually places where the average consumer can have the most exciting conversations with military members.

20. Software

Because so much software is online these days, there is a lot of interest in blogs that cover new software products.

21. Politics

While a micro-niche might be better for a more general topic, politics can also be a micro-niche. 

Often, these blogs focus on niche issues.

22. Gaming tutorial

Have you ever wondered why gamers spend hours of their time with a keyboard and a mouse while computers can do so much more? It’s because of the significant number of games available on the market.

Suppose you want to offer your audience some fabulous tutorials for the latest PC games and some tips on creating an engaging user interface. 

In that case, a gaming tutorial blog might be exactly what you’re looking for.

23. Movies and review

If you write about movies, a micro-niche could be a review blog, a movie recommendation blog, or something related to movies. 

Whether you write a review or only have an opinion, it’s a great place to generate some traffic.

24. Mild and eccentric humour

If you’re on the same page as the people who enjoy this type of humour, consider developing a site based on this content. 

It’s a great way to share your brand and reach a niche audience that you might not know much about.

25. Mixed martial arts

Mixed martial arts has a good following among the mainstream audience. 

And it’s not unusual for people to find this type of content on big sports sites like Sports Illustrated or Deadspin. 

But they tend to ignore other sports that are more niche.

26. Gaming and entertainment gadgets

These gadgets will never go out of style, but most are constantly updated to the latest gadgets and software.

27. Camping and hunting gear

The best hunting and camping equipment is made to last a lifetime, which means you will need to replace the gun, shotgun, or rifle you’ve had for decades at some point. 

It is why we recommend you spend your money on gear that will last, such as the latest bags and backpacks.”

28. Golf gear

Golf equipment isn’t cheap, so you’re going to need to replace it at some point. 

However, you write a review about Golf gear and reach a niche audience that you might not know much about.

29. Celebrities

What’s your audience’s relationship with a famous person? Is there a story behind their career?

You can share celebrities’ stories on your micro-niche blog.

30. US Politics

Do you know the current situation with the US government and why? We don’t. 

If you’re American and want to promote to a

predominantly US audience, you can do so. If not, you can market to anyone interested in politics.

31. Guide to social media

You can start a blog about social media guides if you know social media to reach the maximum number of potential customers.

32. Importance of diversity

People want to engage with genuine content. Authenticity builds credibility and trust, and authenticity also attracts new, unique visitors, bringing back more customers. 

It is why you should strive to write content that brings new, diverse and fresh people into your blog.

33. Social media management

If you’re a social media expert, you can write all about social media management.

34. Data Visualization

If you’re working with data from multiple sources and want to show users what the data tells you, this is the topic for you.

The concept of data visualization goes back to the Greeks, and some techniques are just as old. 

Today, there are countless ways of presenting data and lots of tools for you to use. It is an exciting area of online marketing.

35. Data Science

Data science is a hot topic right now. We know that if you’re going to do data science, it makes sense to start with data analysis.

36. Savings

If you’re looking to blog about saving money, there’s lots of potential here. There’s a lot of savings around, whether it be through shopping or savings apps. 

This isn’t necessarily all people want to read about, though, so we’ll be looking for tips or advice rather than a specific topic.

37. Personal finance

In today’s world, personal finance is a crucial topic. It covers topics such as investing, savings, debt, and personal finance. 

Even if your readers aren’t looking to start a business, they will appreciate your articles on personal finance.

38. Problems and issues

People are naturally interested in problems and issues. Even if it isn’t your primary purpose, this can be a great niche blog topic that insights new trends. You’ll get readers interested in your blog.

39. Digital marketing

An important topic for businesses is digital marketing. There’s plenty of information about this area, but it can be hard to find quality information. 

An excellent way to stand out is to focus on the science behind what makes digital marketing successful.

40. Ecommerce

Marketers who want to take their eCommerce business to the next level will need to understand the evolution of digital shopping.

41. Skincare

The new body oils, serums and moisturizers are probably your top tip. 

Lots of brands have gone niche in this category, making products specifically for your skin type. 

Try to do something different, too, like ditch the deodorant and use a homemade sunscreen.

Put, skincare is the focus. But if you want to tell your audience about your concerns for looking older, trying to maintain youth or simply looking after the skin on your face and body, you could discuss the following:

  • Botox and fillers
  • Mimosa plant extract
  • Omega3 fatty acids
  • Skincare remedies
  • Glossy make up

42. Natural or organic products

Other tips include making your micro niche blog about something important to you and focusing on one thing rather than a set of all things related to your niche.

43. Healthy supplements

Speaking of healthcare, I’d recommend adding a healthy lifestyle to a micro-niche blog. 

There’s plenty of information about that on the Internet already, so you’d be reaching readers who already know their vices.

44. Fashion

It is a popular industry to get into for new bloggers. There are tons of fashion blogs out there, and it’s great to get some information on this market.

45. Baking

Some people like to bake. They want to share their best recipes with others and show people how they get their baked goods just right.

46. Cooking

Some people like to cook. They love experimenting with different recipes and ways of preparing food.

47. Health

People are always on the lookout for easy ways to stay healthy. In other words, they want simple, quick, and delicious recipes.

48. Basic Homemaking

Some people want to learn how to be more confident in the kitchen and get the best value for their money in terms of cost and value for their time.

49. Vegan Foods

A blog with the vegan food sub-genre is one of the best ideas. 

This could include recipes for vegan food, a vegan source on any given topic and even a vegan food blog!

50. Technology

The tech blog would have a different topic depending on what you’d like to talk about. 

For example, a tech blog for a jewellery blog could involve tech for jewellery and jewellery for technology.

51. Coffee

Because coffee is the world’s most widely consumed beverage, it’s a good choice for micro-niche blogs. 

There’s a lot of potentials, for example, for a blog about a restaurant review or advice on choosing coffee.

52. DIY

Customized and “green” is another profitable niche for micro-niche blogs. 

DIY micro-niche blogs feature reviews, how-tos, DIY products, demonstrations of DIY projects and advice for DIYers. 

If you love the idea of being your boss, crafting your items or doing your house repairs, a blog focused on these topics is an attractive option.

53. Carnival

Many blogs focus on carnivals and carnival culture, for example, the history of the world’s largest carnival, the Carnival of Venice, and so on.

54. Beverages

Beverages are hot right now. You can run from the same old coffee shops to mixologists on street corners to social media influencers. People want variety, and you can find endless micro niche ideas here.

It’s one of the most popular categories, which means there are tons of competitors, and that’s great for getting a highly competitive and unique blog.

55. Cooking to Guide 

If you’re a cook, this could be the idea for you. The people might get excited about this because, well, it’s a good idea. 

56. Fitness training

For inspiring fitness training blogs, you can look at the topics that best suit you. 

You could publish blogs about low-impact workouts, cardio, strength training or any other type of training.

57. Individual wellness

The wellness blog concept is quite popular. You could look for topics related to health and fitness, mental health, or other important issues affecting you or your community. 

You can use any of the ideas below as a starting point.

58. Mind, body, spirit

This blog is about lifestyle and could include anything from any of the above ideas to your struggles with body image, creativity or spirituality.

59. Ethnic cuisine

This topic offers a combination of all of the above. It involves not just food but any and everything related to food.

60. Fitness equipment

Consumers of fitness equipment are people who are passionate about the health benefits of exercise. 

Active people will use a gym or fitness equipment for fun, fitness, or to improve their health. 

Use this topic for the majority of your blog posts and see how your target audience responds. 

If you include a lot of weight lifting or cardio, you could get plenty of hits from exercise enthusiasts.

61. Fitness diets

Nutrition and exercise are crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but they can seem like an ever-changing and overwhelming world. 

Health blogs for weight loss, eating well and exercising are a lot of fun to read. 

The ideas for these blogs cover lots of bases, including diet and exercise, but they also offer some valuable tips and handy tips for some of the standard fitness routines, such as HIIT.

62. Child care

At times like these, when families are looking for childcare, are looking to change the caretaker or looking for childcare advice, an expert’s insight on the topic can help.

63. Wall decoration

You may be one of those bloggers who can’t bear to throw away the printed stuff (or know a regular shredder).

Facebook has a page with many unique ideas for decorating your walls. 

You can see how other people like to decorate their walls, take inspiration from what other people are doing, and display their favourite photos on their walls.

64. Personal identity

Your identity could be that you’ve got a lot of dog photos, cats, football stickers, children’s cartoon characters, those little pictures of the family on the fridge, baby portraits, or perhaps even an advert-sponsored image of a family getting a holiday in Thailand.

65. Home automation

If you’re new to the domain, or if you want to enter this niche, then you’ll need to convince your audience to switch to your products. 

You could try an ad campaign or a giveaway, but ideally, you’ll want to show the benefits of your product and simplify the process for your audience. 

It could mean doing a quick and straightforward video or a longer video that goes into more detail.

66. Visual aids

People love to show and share images, so consider putting together an infographic, showcasing your best ideas and showcasing how you can help your audience.

67. Android & iOS & Virtual Reality

At one time, you may not have been able to demonstrate your product with a visual aid. 

But thanks to rapid developments in these areas, this is now possible.


Micro-niche blogging is an excellent strategy for driving business growth. 

The key is to find your niche and use it to drive traffic.

I hope this article will help you to find the best niche and start a blog.

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