9 Types of CTAs You Should Use in Your Youtube Channel

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A call to action or CTAs is a very powerful marketing tool for Youtube Channel that helps in getting a specific response from the viewer who has seen your message or content.

In short, it is small content that encourages the audience to take some action, like read more, buy your product, comment, share a thought, etc.

The call to action (CTA) encourages the viewer to purchase, order, download, and interact with the content through actions that include tagging, commenting, and sharing.

Such interaction ensures that your audience remains engaged and active.

Any marketing expert will tell you that videos are excellent in conveying your message and CTAs are crucial to encourage action.

The CTA can be put either at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of your video.

Here, we have listed different types of CTAs that you should include in your YouTube videos to encourage users to take action.

Different CTAs to put forth your message more effectively

Let us learn about some important CTAs that you can include in your YouTube videos to engage with your viewers more effectively.

1. Put it at the start

The KissMetrics studies show that a large number of viewers bounce off from those videos that are 2 to 3 minutes long.

Therefore, if you put your CTA at the end of the video, then chances are that a lot of viewers may leave your video much before they come to your CTA.

If you put your CTA and the beginning, then you have more chances of encouraging people to click on it before they think of going to another website.

2. Recommend another video

If you want to extend the watch time of your viewer on your YouTube channel, then you should recommend other videos in your channel.

You can create a playlist that will show them other content in your channel which deals with similar themes that they are currently watching.

When you recommend videos that are similar to what they are already watching, they are more likely to view them than suggested videos of YouTube’s autoplay function.

If the audience spends a lot of time on your videos, it will increase your watch time. Further, watch time is one of the leading factors for ranking as per the YouTube algorithm.

One of the most effective ways to increase watch time is to get more views on your videos.

For the same, you can buy high retention YouTube views to increase watch time. It will help you grow on the platform efficiently.

3. Encouraging them to subscribe to your channel

You must have a CTA button that encourages the viewers to subscribe to your channel so that they get notifications about any new videos on their homepage.

Subscribers generally watch content that is created by the YouTube channel that they have subscribed to.

New subscribers and greater watch time would improve the ranking of your YouTube channel.

4. CTA for social media follow on

You must link your YouTube channel with multiple social media channels to gain more viewership as well as improve shareability.

You must put social media buttons on your YouTube content so that your loyal viewers can watch your content on other social media platforms also.

By keeping different social media links, more users will become your subscribers. They will also follow you on various social media handles.

It is the same strategy followed by various small to big companies worldwide to keep users engaged on the platform.

5. Ask people to comment on your videos

Getting comments from your viewer about your content is a sure sign of good engagement and it also leads to a higher ranking in the search engine results.

The content of your video should be such that it should spark a debate amongst your viewer.

You must ask for their views, thoughts, and opinions about the subject of your video. The more they comment, the more you can engage with them.

6. Ask users to share videos

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your video goes viral is by encouraging people to share it with their friends.

The more your viewer shares your content, the greater chance you get to let someone new view your content, thereby getting a potential subscriber to your channel.

And the more views and subscribers your video attracts the greater weightage it would get from the YouTube algorithm leading to a higher ranking.

7. Ask users to like your videos

You should encourage your viewers to like your videos if they find your content good.

The more people like your videos, it will signal the YouTube algorithm that your content is of good quality, which will help in improving the ranking of your YouTube channel.

8. Tell them about the next content

Informing the viewer about the next content that you will upload to your channel is a good CTA for increasing engagement with your viewer.

To ensure that the viewer stays engaged with your channel you must let them know when you will post your next content so that they don’t miss out on it.

This advanced information will encourage them to look forward to something. And they will keep returning to your YouTube channel to view more content.

9. Descriptive CTA

Many people don’t like to click on the pop-up or links at the end of the video. However, they love to read the description and click on various links.

One smart way to place CTAs is to keep them in the description of your YouTube videos. The majority of the YouTubers place different kinds of CTAs in the description.

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Now that you have a good idea about CTAs and how critical they are to video marketing. You must design a strategy wherein you can use these to get more likes, shares, and comments.

It must carefully look at different ways to improve the engagement with your channel.

You can keep on adding different types of CTAs in your youtube videos. Find out which ones improve engagement, increase sales leading to higher ROI. Then start adding all the CTAs that help you rank well on the platform.

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