What Are Landing pages? The Complete Guide

What are landing pages or what is a landing page? In online advertising, a landing page also called a “capture page” or “single landing page”,” multiple landing pages” or “search-box” and sometimes referred to as “double landing page” can be a single web page in existence at the time of this writing that appears in response to a search request.

What Are Landing page

That is, it displays immediately following the completion of a search query – typically by the user typing in a search term and/or keywords on a search engine results page or pop-up screen – in the hopes of attracting user attention and conversion into paying customers.

It is used in conjunction with other landing pages such as a signup page for email list building or sales funnel creation, depending on the specific needs of the business being promoted.

This landing page is designed to draw the user’s attention, whether through text, graphics, video, audio, links, social media links or any combination thereof and to close a sale.

These pages are often run by online businesses using an autoresponder to automatically email, or “push” a series of emails, targeted to a specific list of leads interested in the product or service being offered.

The emails themselves are generally focused on product promotion, although some sites may use personal messages to remind or persuade previous customers to purchase again.

Many times the emails themselves will contain an opt-in form where the user enters their name and email address in order to receive additional information, such as an email course on how to best take care of their pet.

Other times, the emails will simply offer some form of incentives such as a discount on the product or service being promoted, or the opportunity to attend a training session.

What is Landing Page?

In internet marketing, a landing page sometimes referred to as a “front end conversion page” or “single landing page”,” single landing page”,” static page”,” page”, or a “destination page” is a single web page that appears in response to a user’s inquiry/buying request… It is the “last resort” or “last chance” to complete the transaction.

It is designed to sell the visitor something else or to get them on your mailing list or subscriber list. Often, it appears only when the user has clicked on an advertisement or “shortened” a search with a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo. It usually contains some form of an offer related to the product(s) being sold by the business.

Landing Page Vs Website Home Page – Why You Should Avoid Doing Both

For web designers, choosing the landing Page page vs. website home page can be a challenging task, to say the least. It’s not uncommon for webmasters to try and do both but if done wrong or if the end result is a misjudged landing page vs. the website home page, then the effect can be disastrous.

That’s why webmasters should always keep their eyes firmly on the prize – improving their website and its conversion rate.

Importants of Landing Page Content

Important of landing-page Digital Marketing As an Internet Marketer we need to focus on few things. First, like Google AdWords, SEO, Off-Page and On-Page SEO.

Second, Link Building on your website visitor history and demographics. Third, increasing conversions and sales.

Focus on correct keywords for the business and use them throughout the content on the site.

Top 10 Types of Landing Page

Landing pages are important to the success of any online business. However, there are really only a few different types of landing pages each to suit a different circumstance in a different industry.

So before you begin to use them on your site, I’ve listed a few different types of landing pages to peruse and get familiar with.

These are the most commonly used landing pages but I’m sure there are others out there as well.

1. Lead Generation Landing Page

Lead generation is one of the most important concepts in the practice of generating qualified leads for any business.

Defining the difference between a lead generation landing page and a traditional click-through page (which serves only as a warm-up phase before a specific action like selling a service or product) is important because this provides you with a clear path for measuring your marketing effectiveness.

In fact, defining the difference between the two and how to best utilize the relative advantages of both can help you make more money with less effort.

Defining lead generation, also called “lead tracking,” can be a complex process and it is advisable for you to work with professionals who have significant experience in this area.

2. Click-Through Landing Pages

Click-Through Landing Pages on your website that collect visitor information, such as name and address, and then direct them to a separate page on your site where they will be given an offer to subscribe to your email newsletter.

Through this process, you not only capture visitors’ names and addresses but also their emails, which can be later used for follow-up or even future marketing.

3. Sales Landing Page

A sales landing page is basically a page on a website designed to advertise a particular offer, usually an incentive for a sale.

In order to be effective, a sales landing page must have very few distractions with its content and it must contain few links to other areas other than the offer itself.

The most common mistake that many website owners make when designing their site is that they overload their pages with too many links and other items that distract the customer’s attention away from the offer on the page.

As well, a cluttered or busy page with many links can also cause search engines to not list your site in their results.

4. Splash Landing Pages

You might not have heard much about splash pages, but I can assure you that you will after I tell you about one of the best examples of splash pages on Shopify.

In the first paragraph, I wrote about landing pages that have an instant effect on your prospective customers.

The effect they have is the ability to draw them to a product, but before you ever get them there, you need to have a page with a sales pitch to make a sale.

5. Lead Capture Landing Page

A lead capture page is a vital component of a good content marketing campaign.

There are two basic types of landing pages and form pages.

But both forms serve the same purpose:

it enables you to collect consumer information about your products.

6. Coming Soon Landing Page

If you want to increase the number of people that visit your website, then it’s important that you consider creating a coming soon landing page.

A landing page basically is a short introductory page that tells your visitors something about what’s upcoming.

With this kind of page, you are able to relate with those who already have an interest in knowing more about the coming announcements on your website.

7. 404-Landing Page

A 404 error page typically means that your website is not available.

This means either a problem with your internal server, a bad link on your website, or an issue with your web hosting provider.

However, a properly optimized 404 page actually has the ability to turn lost website visitors back into regular, loyal customers.

8. Event Landing Page

An event landing page is basically a type of webpage specifically designed to invite visitors to sign up for an upcoming event.

It can be for an on-site event such as a conference or seminar or virtual events like webinars and live summits.

This kind of webpage is often called a registration page or an invitation page because the primary purpose of it is to generate interest and place names in the database for future contact with the registrant, i.e., the website owner.

A registration page is typically designed and promoted by an online marketing company or agency.

Event-landing pages are also created by private webmasters, frequently for upcoming events, conferences, or other special occasions.

9. Login Landing Page

The Login Landing Page component is a lightweight component that allows the easy setting up of the login page where a visitor is redirected when they successfully login successfully.

The login page can be set in the following ways:

Default – A default value for the login page, which takes precedence over any setting specified on the site.

Role-based – Using a Role-based approach, where a role-specific to the login user gets the top-level landing page.

Shared – If two users are logged in then the same page is shown both for them.

Custom – Using a custom approach, where the homepage is set to display a template based on the login details for each user on the site.

10. Pricing Landing Pages

One of the best ways to effectively designing the perfect pricing landing page for any online business is to consider the psychological triggers of the page design.

You need to think and predict potential objections or problems that your website visitors may have when they first land on your pricing page.

If you can anticipate these possible objections and have a prepared response ready to give, your pricing pages will be more successful.

Top 10 Landing page builder Tools and Websites

There are 10 best landing page builder you can use for your business.


Sr. No.Landing Page Builder
1Pixfort Megapack

1. Pixfort Megapack

One of the most popular ways to create your own personal website is through the use of Pixfort Magapack page builder.

As you are probably aware, this program is one of the industry’s leading page builders. It allows you to easily create stunning-looking web pages in just minutes.

This is perfect for beginners.


$29 for Lifetime access.

2. Convertkit

ConvertKit is a revolutionary tool that allows you to create and publish your own landing pages quickly.

The “LT” version is specially designed to work effortlessly with Convertkit’s advanced publishing system and has the highest level of functionality and ease-of-use possible for WordPress users.

That’s why Convertkit is one of the most popular WordPress plugins among professional WordPress developers.

It is also perfect for beginners.


Free Unlimited landing page,

$29/Month for Creator plan, $59/Month for CreatorPro plan

3. Leadpages

Leadpages, you’ll be able to build effective landing pages for your online marketing business that converting leads into cash.

It has been growing in popularity as more marketers become aware of its powerful features. Now you can build effective, highly converting landing pages without having to hire a professional web designer.


14 days free trial,

$37/Month for standard plan, $79/Month for Pro plan and $321/Month for Advanced plan.

4. Instapage

Instapage landing page builder is one of the best products for creating landing pages using simple click-and-mortar web-building tools and web hosting packages available in the market today.

You can easily create high-converting landing pages for your e-commerce website or for your personal site with ease using this product.

It is a user-friendly program that is easy to install and use. You will be able to increase the conversion rate of your online business by maximizing the usability of your web page and the links that appear within it.

It is too expensive.


$399/Month for Building Plan, $999/Month for Optimizing plan and $1999/Month for Converting Plan

5. Unbounce

is a powerful internet landing page builder tool that assists individuals to improve their online marketing performance by building dynamic, user-friendly landing pages quickly and easily.


14-day free trial, $80/Month for Lunch Plan, $120/Month for Optimize plan, $200/Month for Accelerate Plan and $300/Month for Scale plan.

6. GetResponse

GetResponse has been helping people build their email lists for over 5 years, and I am sure that they understand how important it is to get leads, but then hook those leads into buying customer’s products or services.

By offering a free instant lead capture page, they are able to capture your prospect’s attention and then sell them onto their list.


30-day free trial available.

$15/Month for Basic Plan, $49/Month for Plus plan, $99/Month for Professional Plan and also available custom max plan.

7. Systeme.io

Systeme.io is a page builder for creating professional-looking websites that are ideal for businesses and individuals.

With a user-friendly interface that allows one to easily navigate through templates, users can create high-quality sites in a matter of seconds.


Available free plan.

$27/Month for Startup Plan, $47/Month for Webiner plan, $97/Month for Enterprice Plan.

8. Lаndіngі

A langingi page builder is very essential for the website to be developed in internet technology.

This particular page creation tool is the best tool that one can do to develop a professional-looking web page, a site that would be considered a money-spinner for online business.


14-day free trial available.

$89/Month for Create Plan, $127/Month for Automate plan and $199/Month for Agency Plan.

9. Elementor

Elementor page builder is without a doubt one of the very best page builders available in WordPress.

With over 5 million active installs and a near-complete 5-star rating, you already know that you can always rely on it to create good-looking, professional-looking websites easily.

Today, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Elementor page builder and how you can use it to quickly build some simple pages for your website.

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you’ll have your very own professional-looking, fully functional website!


Free plan available

$49/Year for Essential plan, $99/Year for Advanced plan, $199/Year for Expert plan, $499/year for Studio plan and $999/Year for Agency plan.

10. Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is one of the top programs on the market that integrates a landing page and a lead capture page builder.

This makes it very easy to build an entire campaign with very little programming knowledge.


14-day free trial available.

$97/Month for basic plan, $297/Year for Platinum plan, $199/Year for Expert plan and $2497/year for TwoCommaClubX plan.

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